28 Aug 2016

Walk The Essex Way - Stage9

   *It's our own stage.

At first we walked from Manningtree Railway Station to Lawford church where we terminated last time, and then walked the Essex Way.

It was nice weather and felt hot.

The field we needed to cross had construction work on it. So we walked around the site. The route will be slightly changed in the future. 

Walked through England's lovely smallest town Manningtree.

Walked down the street and the River Stour could be seen. I've walked along the river before with the big mouse, so I was quite relaxed without the map or instruction.

Passed by the Mistley Towers and the factory, we crossed under the railway.

Looked back, I could still see the EDME Factory's chimney.

Passed through the wood and the long path which goes through the field was waiting.

We met with some walkers, the information they gave us was about 'a pub'. It's a place which allays walkers' thirst. But we usually carry a lunch and drinks. We looked for a church or the shady place for lunch. We usually have a lunch at a churchyard, but this time, we couldn't find a nice place to have a lunch.

We walked on and on, but there was nothing, just wide fields to be seen to cross. It was a hot day, I was like a dried out frog...

We arrived at Bradfield. I was glad to see poppies were still blooming, because it's a symbol of the Essex Way.

After recharging energy, we started to walk towards the river again. I felt so good to cross the field!

The water was blue and beautiful under the strong sunshine.

Everything seemed fine, but we made a mistake at the nature reserve area. Because we missed the way to seawall. We corrected the way and finally found a breath-taking scenery. This place reminded me of Venice, Italy. Because the tower-like buildings on the other side of the bank looked like the Piazza San Marco.

We walked through green lane tunnel towards Wrabness church, which has bell cage. Unfortunately the church was closed during this August, we started to walk to the Wrabness station.

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25 Aug 2016

Walk The Essex Way - Stage8

   *It's our own stage.

This time, we started from Great Horkesley. The bus services are good from Colchester station. From the beginning, we were excited about walking the Dedham Vale Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) which Constable loved. Once before I walked the Dedham area with the big mouse. I remember it was really nice.

The animals we saw at first were alpacas. They were so lovely.

Despite our excitement, the first impression of the beginning was not so attractive. I felt slow progress even as we walked and walked.

Recently, I don't like to pass the farm very much because of our bad experience of their dogs. Again, we could hear the dogs' barking and stood on guard. But this time, the farmer was there and showed us the way very kindly and gently. Until there, we'd already seen several huge tracks due to the harvest season. Here, they were collecting potatoes.

And we passed the vineyard. It reminded me of the British wine I bought last time.

We arrived at the first church of this course, Boxted Church.

Voila, this is the view of Stour valley. I realise that summer walking is nice, but nettles and some other plants are too much growing, and interrupt the view sometimes.

We continued walking in a wood. The wood looked very primitive, there were giant plants of Pteridophyta. This course has some up-down hills.

Camomile flowers in the field were so lovely. Smells were nice as well.

We crossed some fields, walk and walk.

Too much chatting, miss the way. We were deep in conversation and missed the gate. Oops. A man who was walking with dog showed us the way. We climbed up another gate and corrected the way without walking back.

We arrived at Langham Church which John Constable painted (and painted the view from there). The cat Gerry (from Langham Hall) welcomed us at the entrance.

After crossing over A12, Dedham was there.

There was a picturesque view of River Stour.

A huge harvesting machine was harvesting barley with stirring up dust.

Now, the town of Dedham. Some lovely shops stand in a row, but we didn't have energy to have a look inside. We browsed in the church and had rest a bit in churchyard. There was one chance and one choice to get a bus from Dedham to Colchester Station. We had a enough time to get the bus, but we decided to walk ahead to Manningtree railway station.

I liked the path from Dedham. Despite being tired, it was a very pleasant walk. Partly the path ran zigzag between the houses. The way marks were substantial, we didn't make a mistake.

Soon after we crossed the rail track, two trains passed by. Whew.

We arrived at the fourth church of the day; Lawford church. It was our terminal of the Essex Way this course. We left the Essex Way and walked another public footpath to Manningtree railway station. Ironically we felt so happy when we saw the station from the hill rather than view of Dedham.

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Today's Sky


22 Aug 2016

Showtimes For David Brent: Life On The Road

After so long, I watched this comedy film 'Showtimes for David Brent: Life on the Road' in the cinema. According to the big mouse, it is based on the BBC television comedy series 'The Office'.  I slightly remember this title that I watched this trailer on TV while I was in the UK many years ago. And I thought it sounds interesting, but I'd never had a chance to watch this drama. So basically I didn't know anything about it.

To come right to the point, I thought "gross", what an annoying man he is! I don't like his character, especially that he is absolutely unable to pick up on the mood. He is strongly opinionated that he is popular person. Viewed from the opposite side, he is super positive!! What is that creepy laughing as if he releases the air from his mouth. I don't like it!

But no matter what I say, I myself surprised that I spent about two hours watching this silly film with laughing. He was annoying but I enjoyed the film. :)

20 Aug 2016


Where does spirit go after death? Nobody knows until you die. But it must be a supernatural occurrence as the same as the birth of a new life. In my country Japan, after the cremation, the family uses long chopsticks to collect bone fragments for the urn. Traditionally the urn is placed in a family grave within 49 days after the funeral. Because in Buddhism, it is believed that dead person's spirit or soul survives for up to 49 days to make the journey to the world of the dead.

My grandmother's ashes moved next to her husband's urn in the grave on 49th. In a sense, it would be a real good-bye. Everything is like a dream for me, because I haven't seen her last. But always love you. Rest in eternal peace.

17 Aug 2016

Walk The Essex Way - Stage7

   *It's our own stage.

We started from Great Tey Church where we finished last time. It was a good day for walking because of fresh air. Sometimes sun came out from the clouds and made me feel hot.

The first part of our stage 7 was the route we walked before, so we didn't really take the possibility of making mistake seriously. But actually we made a mistake soon. We saw the footpath sign, but we didn't check the map because it wasn't the Essex Way sign. Don't lose focus! Different season, different view.

We saw green barley when we started to walk the Essex Way, but now it has turned into golden brown and some fields are harvested. We crossed over the railway line.

At the farm, dogs came towards us and barked. (Please go away). Again, I don't like dogs very much because of my childhood experiences. I always try not to show my mind and fear in front of dogs. They were relatively big, but OK. Phew...

We went through the gate and walked a beautiful field.

A farmer was working so hard.

We remembered that we got lost inthis area before. It was early spring I suppose. I was wearing ankle-length jeans and normal trainers that day. And unexpectedly we walked there. The nettles had just started to grow and attacked my ankle... So we paid attention not to make the same mistake.

We passed fir tree plantation for Christmas.

Passed the pub, we entered the Fordham Hall Estate where is woodland creation site. This area was nice and friendly for walkers. There were some benches, handmade sign poles.

I'd never seen the sign for the pub. :)

We reached to the St. Mary's old church in West Bergholt which is maintained by the Friends of Friendless Churches who cares for historic and redundant places of worship in England and Wales.

We left the church and started to walk again. We missed the path of the field once, but corrected the route.

The map and the direction weren't clear, we struggled to find the way to orchards. But everything was OK. Passed the orchard and reached to Great Horkesley. The bus services to Colchester North Station are very good from here. All in all, it was a peaceful pleasant walk.

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