21 Feb 2014


Yesterday afternoon, soon after finishing the workshop, a lady brought me a bad news that the shop will be closing in its current form at the end of this month. It was a sudden news. The lady who often visits the shop even didn't know about it until yesterday afternoon. Actually, We visited the shop in the morning and I displayed new items, but we weren't told anything. I am very disappointed about that news, because it was one of my first joys in this new country. And also I still have many projects as I can't make enough of them, and I have stock of material. I collected some of my items from the shop yesterday, and I am going to collect the rest next week. I keep making but unfortunately these items has nowhere to go at the moment. Such is life. Anyway, I payed fee to the shop every month, but luckily I didn't end in the red. Thank you for buying my products at the shop.