26 Oct 2017

Pin Mill Walk

We got off a bus at Chelmondiston and walked towards Pin Mill, Suffolk. On the way, we popped in the church. Opened the door and colourful kneelers caught my eye. They looked so lovely.

We were supposed to walk in the woodlands where the National Trust owns, instead, we walked towards the opposite way, because we thought the view might be nicer than inside the wood.

The pub in Pin Mill is popular and was busy with people enjoying beer and food. We had a lunch but not at the pub, at the picnic table near the pub. We always carry a lunch for walking, because it's quick, easy and convenient. 

We started to walk along the river. We could see a lot of yachts on the river.

We crossed the field and could see Woolverstone Hall School in a distance. It used to be a large country house, now in use as a school.

And we reached the church which has a very welcome atmosphere, and there were self drink services. There was a garden table in the churchyard, so we appeased our thirst and rested our feet.

On the church entrance, it was a unique wooden panel floor.

We started to walk towards a small village, Freston. There is a Freston tower, which is a six-storey red brick folly building, and was built probably in 1578 by a wealthy Ipswich merchant. You can't go inside to have a look, but it's nice to see the tower on a way of walking.

We also visited a church in Freston. I don't know why but I felt the church had a bit strange atmosphere.

The bus stop in Freston was so pathos, because it was surrounded by abandoned buildings... I was glad to be able to catch a bus, otherwise I'd have felt miserable at there...