27 May 2017

25 May 2017

Today's Sky

The power of the sun is amazing. It gives us heat, light and many things we need. And it also makes us positive and happy. :)

20 May 2017

Sewing Project; Make a Bunting Flag

Our next door upgraded their house and installed a new door. It emphasises and bring out our house's shabbypoor‐looking... As a quick solution, I got a new doormat and decided to decorate a door window.

Our entrance door looks old as it is. It's a wooden dark brown with a big glass window. The lace curtain used to be hanging by the window. But I didn't like it very much because it looked like an old couple's house... So I took it away. I hanged some decorations before, but they were not perfect. And now, I sewed a bunting flag. I got a bunting flag kit. I guess it was unnecessary to sew the edge of the flag, but I sewed 2 fabrics together to make a more proper bunting flag. I think the entrance could be refreshed. At least, it's not an old couple's house anymore. :)

14 May 2017

The Little Mouse Makes A Little Mouse

At our sewing workshop, I made a mouse:) It was made using a sewing kit. The fabric was already cut and everything was ready. The instructions were for hand sewing, but I used a sewing machine because I wanted to stuff some weighted beads in the body to make it stable. It's quite good I think. :)

7 May 2017

St. Peter's Way(Stage1; Chipping Ongar - Stock)

We started to walk St. Peter's Way in Essex. It's a total of 41 miles from Chipping Ongar to  the ancient chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall at Bradwell on Sea. The route is partly the same as the Essex Way that we walked last year. I didn't expect to go back to Chipping Ongar again. Most of people seems dividing into 3 stages. We decided to walk to Stock because of bus service. It's about 13 miles.
The start was no problem. It was mostly crossing the fields. Well..., walking is always something like that, but we crossed the middle of the fields, not the edge of the fields. We prepared OS map and printed guidebook of the St Peter's Way from the website (PDF; www.essexhighways.org/uploads/files/st_peters_way.pdf).

After we passed High Ongar, we found the sign and the guidebook route were different from the route on the OS map. We followed the sign and the guidebook and I think it was correct. If you get lost, I recommend you to follow the sign.

It has been nice weather, so the ground was completely dry. But this image and condition reminded me of muddy path after the rain...

We went a long way around, I was losing energy before lunch... but we continued to walk towards the church in Blackmore.

The church was fascinating. It's a joy to visit a church and look around inside every time we walk, but unfortunately this church door was locked...

After the break, we started to walk again. Blackmore is a lovely village. As the road sign 'Slow', the ducks were walking around.

We walked and crossed the fields.

We walked towards the A12, there should be the tunnel under the busy road. But we were stuck. There was no tunnel. We got a wrong route without notice, so we corrected the route walking through another public footpath. We found the tunnel and walked through it under the A12 but the next tunnel under the railway was extremely dark and long... We ran through without looking back, because we felt scared... Grrrr.

Our walk is always like a incident-filled journey. It's full of adventures. Went and back, we made mistakes around the village Stock.

If you see this mountain of gravel, that means you went wrong like us. :p You had to turn aside to the left...

At the farm, cows for were waiting us.

There were no proper sign of 'St. Peter's Way' around here, and we were confused. It was early for sunset, but getting dark because of clouds. We felt a bit lonely because we hadn't walked through a golf course and Swan Wood yet. We said we would need to sleep in the open to be funny. But everything was OK. We arrived at the bus stop in Stock safely.

5 May 2017

Today's Sky


Recently, someone (worker) sometimes has parked his car fully on our 'PRIVATE SPACE' without asking us, and I'd wondered why they can do that. It was very close to our window and we felt annoyed. But we've let it pass for a while, because we knew the new next-door neighbour had a lot of jobs to do for their new home. But the other day, I asked a man who was standing by the car. Actually he was working for my another neighbour further down the road, and he said the landowner said it's ok to use here, because road is narrow and causes traffic trouble. I was speechless. I don't know who the landowner is, and we haven't heard anything about asking us permission. I feel unhappy with their attitude of using our space like a public space. How rude they were. I do not have a small heart, but even though we don't have a car, I think they should have asked first.