31 Mar 2017

Bures - Sudbury Walk

Spring is here. After so long, I started to walk with my friend again. This season might be the best to walk. During the summer, we struggled with nettles and heat and during the winter, we struggled with muddy ground.

We started from Brues to Sudbury (Suffolk). It's a part of the St. Edmunds Way and approximately a 9 mile course. We've already walked other parts of the St. Edmunds Way between Sudbury and Long Melford, and also Lavenham and Long Melford before that.

The beginning was a bit chilly and foggy weather.

This course is well-maintained. There are signs where you need to check.

We crossed the rail line and walked towards the first church in Lamarsh. The Holy Innocents Church has a lovely round tower. It said 'Church Open' insistently. But the door was closed. And then, we realised the door was just stiff and we guessed that some people perhaps give up to enter unfortunately. That's why there were signs.

This course has more ups and downs compared with any other course I walked before. But the views from the high places were always nice.

Again, one thing I don't like is to pass a farm, because there are always dogs. Since we had scary experience with dogs, we stiffen up, just as we hear the barking in distance. This time, a big dog with scary canine tooth was barking against us. It was inside a fence, but it looked as if it was going to jump over the fence... Grrrr. I thought I would carry umbrella from next time, instead of stick, just in case...

Apart from that, everything was fine. The walking experience of the Essex Way might make us wiser. Using compass and map, we didn't get lost nor make a mistake this time.

With chatting, laughing and taking photos, our walking pace is very slow. But we move forward steadily.

Finally, we arrived at the town of Sudbury. It was the first time in a while for me to walk a proper walking course, so I was very tired. But also I was very happy with that.

27 Mar 2017

Poor Blood Circulation

I have a problem of poor blood circulation. I think it's getting worse as I am getting older. Recently it caused other symptoms and is troublesome. To improve the situation, I try to keep my body warm and to massage by myself as much as I can. These are tools I can't do without; neck/shoulder warmer and massager :)

16 Mar 2017

Mr. Beans

The big mouse always sends me text when he goes back home. He is 'mame-otoko' for good and bad. 'Mame' means beans and 'otoko' means 'man' in Japanese language. So, he is literally Mr. Beans. This 'mame otoko' describes a man who is meticulous, diligent and attentive. Our relationship lasted before we got married, maybe because he was 'mame-otoko'. But if you go too far with it, you would be annoying.

13 Mar 2017

Sewing Project - Seat Pad

There were two seat pads which were discoloured and looked tired. So I sewed the covers. I used sample curtain fabric again, because the shop sometimes offers them at only one pound. I ripped off old fabrics and took out stuffing. And just stuffed them into new covers. I also made covered buttons to join the front and back. The fabric is thicker than before, so it became more secure.

11 Mar 2017

A Meaning Of Life

Why were we born into this world? We are just wondering about the meaning of our lives every day, searching instinctively for partners to leave offspring by, and sometimes struggling to overcome the hardships. We live and eventually die. I have no idea what life is all about, but I believe there is a meaning of each life even if it is shorter than others, even if it is almost forgotten...

It's the 6th anniversary of the Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011. They are still having aftershocks. I can't forget that my mind went blank and I had uncertain fear in those days. Now I re-recognised that we should more enjoy tasting and feeling a little happiness in normal days.

The scars of the Tsunami, Miyagi / as of 13 November 2016

7 Mar 2017


'Rilakkuma' is a popular Japanese fictional character. Its name is a combination 'relax' and 'bear' in Japanese. He is often seen dressed up in a variety of costumes, and as you can see this is as a panda costume. Lovely cuddling bear...

6 Mar 2017

Sewing Project - Cushion Cover Part2

I have a lot of crafting projects, I can't keep up with my projects!! I am going to sew a several cushion covers, because they looks so tired. I started to make from the basic cushion covers. As the same as the last time, I used a sample curtain fabric. I added the zipper on the backside.

5 Mar 2017


Eventually, I complete forgot to display Hina-doll for Girls' Day (3rd March) this year... I noticed it after I saw this picture my mother sent to me... These dolls are over 80 years old. They look so gorgeous.