16 Oct 2016

Lavenham-Long Melford Walk

It's about a month ago, but I walked from Lavenham to Long Melford with my friend. It's a part of St Edmund Way which I am interested in next. According to a staff member at the Lavenham Information Centre, it's about 4 miles. It's a good distance. We've already visited the Guildhall and walked around the town centre in Lavenham, and we substantially walked more than that.

Started from the church in Lavenham.

It seemed like easy way, because path was clear.

But it gradually became wild, bushy and muddy... Grrrr. I saw a lady who was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Was she OK to walk here??? Well, none of my business though.

I didn't feel tired this time. It must be the result of the effort of the Essex Way walk!

We needed to cross a busy road. Every time I feel uneasy to cross a road. It's ok by law unless the map and sign show to cross, but I always feel nervous. I bet drivers are nervous too, if people come out from the hedging. Fortunately, we could cross the road easily this time, because there was a gap in the cars.

In the distance, we could see the church in Long Melford where we visited before. It was nice to walk  in a field with sheep. Unlike horses, they let us through.