21 Jun 2016

Walk The Essex Way - Stage1


Now that I live in Essex, I want to try once 'The Essex Way", which is a long-distance walking path stretching from Epping to Harwich, a distance of 82 miles. So I decided to walk the Essex Way with my friend this year. According to the guide, you can walk it in 10 stages, but we are going to divide it into more than 10, due to us walking slowly with taking photos and chatting. The most difficult thing when you think about the route is to find a public transport service because the number of buses is limited as you go to small villages.

The first stage starts Epping Station to Chipping Ongar. The guide mentions using the Central Line of the London Underground systems to get Epping, because Epping is the last stop on that Line. But we got a bus from Chelmsford to Chipping Ongar and changed into another bus to Epping Station, because it was ideal for us. From Chipping Ongar, you can get a bus that goes back to Epping (TrustyBus 420 as of June 2016) from the nearest bus stop of the goal.

As for the first stage, if you have a guide and the direction of the Essex Way, it's hard to make a mistake. And after you pass the cricket field, the path is absolutely straight.

Passing Green Man Pub in Toot Hill, we walked into field. It looked simple, because we just needed to follow the field edge. But the trouble was happened. We couldn't find the way. The path continues to a different direction from the map, and the right direction route was cut by weeds and stream. We walked back at the sign point to check the direction again, but nothing was wrong. The thing was, the path was covered with weeds and a foot bridge was broken probably long ago. We found a tiny vestige of wooded foot bridge panel and crossed the stream. After that, we saw a sign pole between paths and took a wrong way because the arrow slightly lean to the left, but it was the dead end. These were the parts that confused us. But apart from that, everything was smooth.

Finally we reached Greensted Church that we visited before. It's an absolutely beautiful ancient Saxon church, the oldest wooden church in the world. We rested at this church and walked towards the final point.