22 May 2016

Californian Poppy

My garden is still not perfect and needs a lot of works, but the flowers are beautiful.

16 May 2016


Most Japanese elementary schoolchildren have a 'randoseru'. It's a school backpack which is made of leather or leather-like synthetic material. When I was a student, there were only two colours; red for girls and black for boys. But nowadays colours are varied. There are more colourful versions, such as pink, yellow, blue etc...

The price is variable, but not so cheap. It's large enough to hold A4 standard sized files without bending. Also the bands are adjustable for the body size. However, some students look odd because they are tall and big like an adult. Children usually use the randoseru for six years. My grand parents bought it to me when I entered the elementary school. I was small, so they selected a lighter one.

Shortly after I entered the school, my grandparents visited our house. So I excitedly ran back to the house. My new randoseru was shaken up and down on my back. And in front of my house, I tumbled over and a big randoseru for my body fell forward over my head. Consequently I scraped not only my knees but also my nose and cheek. Poor me, that was the first injury at the first grade.

I saw on TV that some European grown-up girls have a randoseru as a fashion. I, as a Japanese can't do that, because I've already had a stereotype image that 'randoseru' = 'elementary school students'.

11 May 2016

New Tricks

'New Tricks' is a British comedy-drama that a woman Detective Superintendent lead the team which is consist of retired police officers, to reinvestigate unsolved crimes. It's not a new drama, but it's re-aired constantly. During the bank holiday, it has amazingly and crazily been repeated all day long. The big mouse missed series when it was popular, but now he is hooked on it. He watches it when he has a chance. I sometimes watch it together with him. It's funny indeed. Each character has great individuality.

This theme song remains lodged in my brain. It's the same with the big mouse. We sometimes sing to ourselves.
  'It's alright it's okay it doesn't really matter if your old and grey......'

This lyric match retired characters, but I sometimes feel the ending of story and this bouncy music don't match... Never mind.

9 May 2016

Fifth Year

I go into my fifth year life in the UK. Times goes by with a lighting speed. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and felt humiliated in public thousand times. Once I had a fear of failure (probably still have some) but I've turned defiant in a sense. I still have many things I don't know or I can't understand in this country, but most things became normal. More importantly I enjoy my life. :) Seize the day and live in the present.

5 May 2016

Feast For The Eyes

The weather has been nice:) And flowers are so beautiful under the sun. :)

2 May 2016

My Project - Basket Liner

I was looking for a big basket to keep my yarns. I like natural material and am a basket lover. I found a ideal basket at a charity shop and got it. But a basket is scratchy for yarn so I decided to make a liner. At first, I thought to sew a liner, but why not crochet? It's for yarns. So I started to crochet using a brown corn yarn. I just crocheted as I like and made an edging as well. It took a long time, because I needed to suspend it while I made a baby shawl at a lady's request.

I am satisfied with this very much. I added pompoms at the ends of string. Well..., it looks a bit odd, actually. Maybe I will change the colour of string or pompoms. Let's see...