25 Feb 2016

Today's Sky

Casting My Image Into A Shape

As one of my projects, I dyed cotton yarn the other day (read turmeric-power). And now, I crocheted a bag using that yarn. The pattern is not my original, but this shape was my ideal. Actually I didn't cut off the yarn until the end. I also attached a liner inside. I will post a reference and more detail on my craft blog soon. If you are interested in this, please check it! I am going to make another bag.

21 Feb 2016

Watch Out

Are you a dog person or cat person? Well.., I think I prefer cats rather than dogs, because of my traumatic bad experiences with dog when I was a child... And also it was the cat that cozied up to me and sat on my knee.

BUT, when it comes to the cat which visits our garden, it's another matter. That cat is troublesome. After I digged soil for flower bed, it sneaked into there and did poo. If I cleaned the garden, it messed up. If I planted bulbs, it digged them out. It's like a cartoon world. As if it knows what I don't like, but it always walks around with pretending not to know (I think it knows it!!!). I don't know the owner, but one of that cat's toilets is obviously our garden. Even if I knew them, I have no intention of attacking and complaining to them. I just feel annoyed about the cat attitude. I rise my eyebrows by myself and it drives me mad....

The battle between the cat and me has lasted, I tried some solution, but they didn't work. I can't stand it any longer. With encouragement from my friend, I bought cat repellers. I am worried about the effect on other small animals, but let's see...

20 Feb 2016

The Church in Mundon

I visited St. Mary's Church in Mundon, Essex with my friend. It's a Grade I listed small church. It only has the annual patronage service, so inside the building was cold all over. This church is cared for by the charity organisation which is called the Friends of Friendless and preserves over 40 churches and chapels in England and Wales.

From outside and inside, St. Mary's Church was very attractive. It is said that it dates from the 14th century with a brick chancel, a wooden northern porch and bell tower. Once it closed to the public in 1970 and reopened in 2009 after a long restoration.

Stepping inside, I saw the old wooden framework first. I could see the traces of repairs. It gave me the special feeling as if I was transported back in the Middle Ages. The church was so quiet. We were lucky because we were only visitors at that time and could share a monopoly of this medieval atmosphere for a while.

The light from the window led us to the front.

I liked that church's atmosphere. The church has stood there quietly and has watched and known people's lives and history over hundreds of years. There was a feeling of warm spiritual heart. The wall paintings were also very impressive.

This church is located in a very isolated place. There was an old settlement once around there. In the Domesday Book, it was called 'Wringehala', but now it has gone. It's a familiar story, but I wonder what was that community like? I explained my visit to this church to my mother-in-law on a phone call and we found a coincidence that she visited there once before, when she walked in Essex.

16 Feb 2016

Today's Sky

The birds passed across the sky by accident.

Turmeric Power

I found this cotton yarn at a charity shop and I thought it would be good to dye. Last year, I learnt yarn dyeing. We dyed wool using dye powder colours at that time, but this time I used turmeric from household spices (I also added washing soda). It became beautiful orange/yellow.

The colour is slightly uneven. But that's what I wanted as a result of hand dyeing. It's very unique and I am very satisfied with it.

12 Feb 2016

Today's Sky


The parcel from my mother arrived. In the parcel, there were some 'Jagariko', which is the big mouse's favourite snack!! She wants to see the big mouse's happy smile.:)

According to the famous snack maker 'Calbee', this name came from the combination of Jagaimo (potato) and Rikako (a woman's name; a friend of the product creator). Made from potatoes, vegetables and cheese, it's a finger stick snack.

If you look a package carefully, it has product promotional cartoon characters (giraffes) and they have each names. Also the bar code has a variety of different designs and it's interesting. Well, I guess the big mouse's interest is only inside though...

8 Feb 2016

Today's Sky

It was a fleeting blue sky in Storm Imogen. The cloud flew away so quickly.

7 Feb 2016


I found an interesting article in the Observer newspaper today. It said that 'the study found that black Caribbean men in Britain do more than seven hours of housework a week – compared with the 13.5 hours undertaken by their partners – and equivalent to almost 40% of the workload.'
Is that true??? Indeed. At least, our neighbour works very well more than the big mouse...

Dad's Army

We went to a cinema after so long. I didn't know about this film, but the big mouse said that 'Dad's Army' was a BBC drama about the British Home Guard during the Second World War. It's comedy story and funny. In the film, there were some famous and familiar faces. The plot was simple that they make a blunder by female spy's honey trap, that I could understand and enjoy it very much. 

5 Feb 2016


It's the season of examinations in Japan and new school year starts in April. My niece is a candidate for an entrance exam of a high school this year.

There is a interesting expression to say pass/fail exam related to cherry blossoms. This phrase used to be used as a telegraphic message to tell you the exam result. If you say 'Sakura saku' (cherry blossom blooms) you passed the exam, and 'Sakura chiru (cherry blossoms falls)' means you failed the exam. Cherry blossom is strong in connections with the Japanese mind.

I saw early blooming cherry blossoms the other day. It makes people smile. Wish all candidates a good luck!

1 Feb 2016

Today's Sky


When I was a child, 'autograph book' was popular among students when you left school. I am not sure if it is still popular. It's about an A5 sized ring holder with lovely papers. You handed paper out to classmates, friends, teacher and so on. Especially, it was delightful to receive a message from your favourite boy/girl. They usually wrote a playful self-introduction; such as their favourite things, colours, hobbies, drawing, messages etc... to you. Sometimes stupid things or buzzwords as well.

Mine was Hello Kitty's autograph book. I still have it in my parent's house. Soon after I left school, my grandmother visited us. I showed her the book. I asked her to write it and gave her a paper. What she wrote was 'I like daffodils' and a drawing.

I saw some daffodils were blooming. It's a warmer-than-normal winter, isn't it? Every time I see daffodils I remember her autograph.