29 Nov 2015

In The Town Centre

This is a picture from yesterday. The town was busy because Black friday sales and an event were held. They were so cool:)

22 Nov 2015

Tokyo Tower

My parents sent me a photo of Tokyo Tower, they travelled there the other day. It made me giggle.

Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower, which was built in 1958. It was the tallest structure (332.9m/1,092ft) in Japan until the Tokyo Skytree (634m/2,080ft) was constructed on 2012.

When my mother visited there first time, she felt scared to get down in the lift. She told me that she used stairs with her friends! What an idiot! It sounded more scary to me though... About 600 steps! Just as you would expect, she made other people wait and the bus delayed...

Most Japanese provincial junior high school students visit there on their school trip, but I've never been to the observatory of Tokyo Tower. When I was on a school trip, we arrived at Tokyo Tower by bus, but time was delayed due to traffic jam or something and theschedule of going to the observatory was cut. The tour conductor said 'look up the Tokyo tower, and imprint it on your memory'. Then we headed over to the next destination.

Why did I giggle? Because this is almost the same angle from what I looked up from the bus when I was a student...

Am I...?

Am I a bad-weather-bringer???

Recently, when I go for shopping, every time it starts to rain and I get soaked on my way back home. And then it stops raining after I get home. Mmmmm... Something is wrong. I think I used to be a fine-weather-bringer. Are the symptoms of the bad weather bringer spread easily from person-to-person? The big mouse is definitely the latter...

Well, whatever...

A Kettle With Water

When I made a cup of coffee, I noticed the kettle was full of water. I know the big mouse boiled water for lunch. This always reminds me of the words of my ex-executive managing director. She used to say 'the company president (her husband) fills up a kettle with water, even though he makes a cup of tea for himself. Water for one cup is enough and quick though...' It must be a man's way.

20 Nov 2015

Today's Sky

At this time last year, we were in Japan. Gee, time flies so fast! 

18 Nov 2015

In Winter

Human life is fragile... I sometimes think so when someone die in an accident or incident, or when I read and know about an ancient people's lives. 

The other day, one of my old neighbours died and departed this world. He was the only person who talked to me, when I was a stranger here. He didn't care even if I couldn't understand what he said. Everybody says they weren't surprised about his death because he didn't have a healthy life. But I've had a strange feeling, maybe because I talked with him on the day he had a heart attack and died. He looked normal at that time. He didn't have relatives. So his death was so quiet for people who weren't present at the final moment. It is as if suddenly he disappeared from this town.

All human beings are mortal. Though we all know this would have to happen someday, a heart moves differently if it really happens around you. Even so, we, people left behind must move on without them, and harshly and unrelentingly the world goes on and the time would be passed. The sudden death of a local man who was often be seen around here has left me strange feelings. In addition, the winter's dark  atmosphere gives me indescribable sentiment.

15 Nov 2015

A Stormy Night

It has been a warm November but overcast weather. It's a stormy night and I can't sleep... I am thinking back to my childhood and feeling a little bit sentimental.

6 Nov 2015


There was a semi-legendary Japanese man who was named Ishikawa Goemon (1588-1594). It is said that he stole gold and valuable items to give them the poor. Sounds a bit like Jean Valjean of Les Miserables??? But the difference was that he was a Japanese outlaw. He had committed these unlawful acts since he was a child. At the end, he was caught and boiled to death in a hot cauldron along with his son in public. It's horrible, isn't it? His execution took place in summer. The picture below is about how he was holding his son above to save from the heat. Goemon became a hero and has been played by kabuki drama.
(Compare with Robin Hood). 

Source; Wikipedia
For that reason, an iron bathtub is now called a goemonburo, meaning Goemon-bath. The photo below is an old wooden bathtub. This is not a Goemonburo, but this kind of old bathtub always evoke me about Goemon. I saw this in an old folk house in a museum. And also it reminds me of my grandparents' old bathtub. It was bigger than this but made of wood like this.

Parental Tenderness

The parcel from my parents arrived today. We live in a world of convenience, get and buy anything you want. So I don't want to put them under a strain because overseas delivery charges are expensive. But it seems they have been determined to send me something twice a year, summer (my birthday) and winter (Christmas). And it seems to be their joy. So I let them to do so. Of course, I am happy to receive it:) It is always packed full of Japanese food, surprising and love. I am very appreciative.

4 Nov 2015

Today's Sky

It was a gloomy weather today, but it became slightly brighter for a passing moment.

2 Nov 2015


I love 'central heating' in the UK during winter. It keeps warm everywhere inside the house and it's very practical.

On the other hand, the heating system in Japan is not as good, even when winter is so cold. The windows are not double-glazed. If you come back home from work, a cold room is waiting for you. It takes time to get a room warm and quick to get cold if you turn the heating off. Because Japanese houses are basically made of wood. Nowadays, it's much better than before, but when I was a child, it was really hard to get up in the morning while winter. Someone needs to turn the heating on. I struggled to change clothes from pajama in a morning. In front of the oilstove was a premium spot.

However, there is a great heating system we boast of. That is a 'Kotatsu'. It's a wooden table frame covered by a heavy blanket, and a table panel is on it. There is an electric heat source underneath. The weak point of this is that once you sit there, you would feel less and less like getting out and become lazy. If you stand up, you may be asked to bring someting along the way by others. 

1 Nov 2015

A Result

The first November after the Halloween was a misty morning. How was your Halloween day? Well..., to be frank, we are unconnected with Halloween apart from sweets, because we don't have a child. I put little ornaments in a room, but no real pumpkin lantern nor full spooky party decoration. But there was one door-knock last evening:) Lovely girls with cat make-up were standing outside:)