15 Mar 2015


I got these. What are they? These are Tombodama and a hair stick. Tombodama are Japanese glass beads.

From thousands of unique beads, you can choose your favourite colours and designs. So many choices. I selected two, a orange round bead and a green rectangular bead. They are so lovely.

Ta-dah! Only take a screw type cap out, and insert a bead. The small ring is an adjuster, because each size of handmade bead is slightly different. Then you can make a completely unique hair stick. You can change a bead in accordance with your mood or fashion. Shop staff advised me that it's better to use manicure on the screw cap, so that it would not to come off (but it's removable).

Easy and quick Tombodama hair stick. If you have a time, you can create your own Tombodama at a shop as well. It's not a new style, but I think it's useful and lovely because my hair is getting long. I am really satisfied with these.

★i-ADNES Recommendation★

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Open;10:00-19:00(Sat, Sun, Holidy; 10:00-17:00)
a couple mins from the east exit of the JR Sobu-line or A6 exit of the Asakusa-line, Asakusabashi station