31 Oct 2014

Today's Sky

Japanese In The 19th Century

Sometimes watching people who lived in the old times is very fresh. I am proud of everything Japanese:)

Japan Samurais and Beauties in the 19th century, Edo and Meiji eras

30 Oct 2014


Remembrance Day is coming. The street collection has taken place in many places. I saw many people wearing a read poppy, and also one of the events at the London Liverpool Street Station in the morning.

Today's Sky

29 Oct 2014

Making Something Unique

Today, I helped my friend who had a session at a festival for children to make a bracelet. They selected various colours of chords and beads, and learnt knotting technique. I learnt how to make it before from her, but I had completely forgotten. Children were quick learners! Each bracelet they made was so unique and lovely.

Always it's nice to create something handmade unique, isn't it? I hope they enjoyed creating their own bracelet.

28 Oct 2014

Casino Royale

Have you seen James Bond film series 'Casino Royale'? I watched 'Skyfall' but I haven't 'Casino Royale'. Why do people have the feeling that they are like James Bond or Bond girls, after watching that series?

We went out to see the 85ft blue crane, when we visited to the big mouse's parents' house. Because the crane used in Casino Royale is now at Wombourne and it's the talk of the village. I thought... mmm... it's just a crane!

24 Oct 2014

Today's Sky

Warner Textile Archive

I am interested in this, but probably I can't go on that day...


Chelmsford Museum

I had been curious about Chelmsford Museum, but I had had a chance to go, because it's a bit edge of town centre. Finally, I went to there! It was a quite nice area. There were interesting displays from the Ice Ages to animals and technology. Also it was interesting to know M&S was used to be a prison. I enjoyed the museum very much:)

Ridiculous Train Tickets

I don't like the train route from Euston to Birmingham very much, because we had bad experiences three times. First, we had to buy an expensive tickets due to rush hours. Second, we were trapped in a train for about 2 hours on a hot summer day without air conditioner. Third, we bought return tickets when we left the house, but we couldn't use them (from Euston to Birmingham), because a ticket officer gave us a wrong information by mistake and we HAD TO BUY TICKETS AGAIN!!! It's rediculous. We were told that it's ok if we got a train to Birmingham until 16:00, but in fact, we had to get on a train untill 15:00. I was so angry, because it was not our fault. The officer made a mistake and of course there was no refund. Consequently, we bought tickets again, missed the fast train, and had to get on a slow train.

We are going to use the same route again.  I hope everything will be ok...


I love Italian food, especially pasta. When I travelled to Italy the pasta was so delicious that I smacked my lips between bites. When I was in Japan, I often went to Italian restaurants. But unfortunately, I haven't found a nice Italian restaurant around our town in the UK yet. Perhaps I might just don't know.

The other day, we went to Birmingham, and went out for dinner after we checked in a hotel. We walked around the town centre, and I noticed there are some Italian restaurants. One was so busy, so we followed a sign board and popped in another restaurant. Everything was delirious, but especially 'focaccia' was so delicious ever!

19 Oct 2014


The big mouse has a bad habit of holding an egg stone. Why is it a bad habit? Because he sometimes drops it on something. Last time he destroyed a computer screen. And this time, he dropped it on the hedgehog and destroyed it... Great... I got it back together again. Poor hedgehog...

18 Oct 2014

Today's Sky

It's one thing after another. Life always has its ups and downs.

17 Oct 2014

Indifinite Leave to Remain

Finally, I got Indifinite Leave to Remain (ILR); permanent UK residency! I am soooo happy, because immiguration rule has changed a lot, and visa preparation always made me feel stress. 

15 Oct 2014

Craving Attention

When I passed a churchyard, I found a cat. I wanted attention from this cat, but it was concentrating on something...


I saw these yesterday:) Autumn is the best season for art!? 

12 Oct 2014

Sunday Casual Walk

We strolled around our town where we had never walked before. It was about 1 hour walk.

Amazingly, I met at least 5 cats on a way today!


This was our first walk in a while, so I quite enjoyed walking with a sense of autumn:)

According to the news, this comming winter is being forecast as the coldest for decades! Everyone, take care not to catch a cold!

5 Oct 2014

Morning Dew

The Buddy

Today my buddy was died. We often stood up against dirt together. We chased the big mouse who drops crumbs in the kitchen. But now she has gone... Her name was Anti-rat. She was a brave hoover. Tragedy...

3 Oct 2014


Milky wa mama no aji. Which means Milky is mommy's taste:) The other day, my friend gave it to me. It's a Japanese popular chewy rich-milk candy. It's my favourite!!

This Milky's character is called peko-chan. She has a boyfriend called poko-chan and their friend dog. I think my aunt has its doll. Mmmmm...yummy:)

Nuisance Neighbour

It's not about me, but my sister who lives in Japan. She lives with her family in a condo which they bought about ten years ago. She received a complaint about noise and footsteps about a couple years ago, from a lady who lives alone on the floor below. At that time, she had taught to play organ to her friend's children once a week, but she stopped teaching. She warned her children not to run or jump inside the house.

The lady's complaint has continued, even children were out and it was a quiet day. You know, construction of a building causes a complicating vibration or sound. Sometimes noise comes from somewhere you don't know.

The lady has poured fuel on the fire. She opened and left my sister's post box door. She kept watching their children, so my sister were aware of danger for children. The lady threw pet bottles and ice cubes towards her car etc. She and her husband witnessed scene of a crime and called police, but they haven't had a proof and police can't do anything yet.

I can't understand what the lady wants to do. She may have a mental problem. I hope the problem will be solved soon.

1 Oct 2014

In The Park

Autumn sure is here. I took in the sun in the park today:) A man was cleaning the park. See, it's very tidy and beautiful. Thank you.