30 Sep 2014


We watched the film 'pride', which is about a group of lesbian and gay activists. It's based on a true story, and they raised money to help families affected by the UK miners' strike in 1984. It was a hilarious, but also gave me fresh incentive and encouragement which I may need to have.


I had never imagined to be taken into care by paramedics... I kept myself off balance by stress without noticing.

When I had numb in my hands and legs, I said to the big mouse 'I have a nimbus'. 'Pardon???' -Yes, I had mistook 'numbness' as 'nimbus'. Perhaps I read 'numbness' on a book or something by myself without knowing how to pronounce it. And then I had mistook it as nimbus. The great thing was that he understood what I meant. Our chemistry must be perfect. We can communicate without proper words:)

24 Sep 2014

C'est La Vie

A lot of things have happend all together, I have tendency to obsess. So I walked to refresh today. I am surprised that the library is currently closed to repair damage caused by flooding on the last weekend. I saw another shop was closed too!!

23 Sep 2014

Where does it come from?

In recent days, I can hear a sound, something like a beep sound. It is short, but is repeated at intervals. I thought that battery of a smoke alarm or a carbon monoxide alarm has run out and I checked them, but they were no problem. It comes from somewhere. Perhaps one of these batteries 'in the next door' has run out. The problem is that it's a vacant house for a while. A family moved out, and new residents haven't come yet.

21 Sep 2014

The Weekend

It was a quiet weekend for us. But I went to see the International Puppet Festival in my town for the first time in 2 years. Town centre was crowded with people:)
After the heavy thunderstorm, our wooden door is fully-expanded. It's very stiff and hard to open it now. My husband helped me to open and close the door. I wonder if I can go out tomorrow while he works outside...
Bright flowers makes people cheer up:)

17 Sep 2014


The small mouse's enemies are spiders and other insects. They sometimes show up on my doorstep (inside the house). She normally call for the big mouse to get rid of it. But it's a disaster, when it happens while he is absent like this morning!

16 Sep 2014


I need to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) visa soon. The UK immigration rule is very strict and expensive for a non-EEA national.

We also checked about a spouse visa of Japanese National for my husband. Compared with British, Japanese application form is amazingly simple.

15 Sep 2014


Japanese saying 'Warau kado ni wa fuku kitaru.' It means that laughter brings happiness and fortune. In fact, laughter makes you feel good, boost your energy, release stress and relaxes your body.
I bought this fan several years ago at somewhere roadside station (a government-designated rest area along roads and highways) in Fukushima, Japan. This design expresses the phrase. I like this small fan and use this when I make the sushi rice cool down:) Today I laughted a lot:)

14 Sep 2014

Today's Sky

Great Yarmouth

We travelled to Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. It was a new destination:) We run on the platform to get on a train. It was a good timing.

Around the Great Yarmouth station was empty, it was hard to know the way to the town centre. Anyway, you need to cross this bridge.

It was a market day. Market was a quite big. A lot of stalls lined the public space and it was crowded with people.

Shopping street was long. I imagined that Great Yarmouth was fishery industry and more like Lowestoft, but I was wrong. It was not only a fishery industry but also a big seaside resort.

After we walked a long shopping street, finally we reached at the pier. The pier was short, but a lot of amusements have still open and run the business.


Carriage and train car were running on a street for tourists.

Donkeys! They were on the beach.

Actually it's a bit far to the beach. Beach area was a big and wide. Season was over, but I thought it's a nice resort town for summer. I took a barefoot walk on the beach after so long. Water of North Sea was so cold!!


10 Sep 2014

Step Up

It's a step up. I got results of the English exam the other day. Fortunately, I passed!! I am sooooo happy, because I really wasn't sure about it.
It's thanks to an enthusiastic teacher and classmates who came from various countries and always gave me motivating. Thank you!

8 Sep 2014


When I was shopping at Morrisons, I smelled something like burning rubber. I came out from the shop and I found a car was burning!! Soon fire-extinguishing vehicle arrived and fire-fighters put out fire. What happened!?

7 Sep 2014

Today's Sky

Emi & Ben

My husband bought me some skin care ranges of emi & ben. Body butter for grown ups, yes. Body butter for little people, uh... yeah..., sort of... because I am short like a child. Body butter for mama's bump, ...what!? Anyway, it says that suitable for the whole family, so it's ok:)


6 Sep 2014

My House Project - Cabinet Knobs

I had looked for a lovely knobs for a long time. Because I wanted to change knobs of a cabinet, because I often use this cabinet. Most of knobs I found were large in width or expensive. I needed to get a little bit small knobs, because the both positions are very close. It's a different from drawer's knobs.
Finally, I got this lovely knobs at the Zara Home:) They are not blue and white knobs that I hoped for, but I liked them.
Tada! It's so lovely! But there were two miscalculations. First of all, someone who painted this door was very lazy person, and he/she painted it without removing the knobs. That's why there are neglected circle areas under the knobs.

Secondly, I'd completely forgotten about another door's existence above. I normally don't use it because it's a high position. Well..., never mind. Perhaps I change them if I can find another lovely knobs:)

5 Sep 2014


I read a free newspaper Metro on a train yesterday, and small article caught my eye. It said, 'Girl, 18, marries a stray dog from her village in India to lift curse'. !!!!!!

According to the article, she has married a dog to please her family who think in doing so she will rid herself of a curse they believe she carries. But I was relieved to know she is not happy with that marriage.

This news reminded me of a falk tale 'Oshirasama', that has been handed down in northeastern region in my country. Well.., I don't like this story to be honest, because it's a brutal and spooky tale.
Once upon a time, there was a poor farmer. He lost his wife early and had lived with a beautiful daughter. She loved the horse abnormally which they had, and she got married with the horse.
One night, the father found this fact and killed the horse in a sad way by hanging it from a mulberry tree, withought say anything to his daughter. Later, she looked all over for the horse and found the horse was killed. She was so shocked and cried while clinging to the horse's head. The father developed a sense of aversion, took an axe and chopped of the horse's head in front of the daughter.
Suddenly, the horse's head got up slowly and flew away with the daughter and disappeared mysteriously, to the heaven...
The father lost his daughter and regreted what he had done. He cut the mulberry tree, created a sculpture of a horse and daughter, and worshiped them.
It is believed that The horse became a tutelary god (of the home), which was made from the mulberry tree. It is called Oshira-sama. In the region, people create Oshirasama dall using of sticks of mulberry, wrap a cloth and paint male and female faces on it.

Tono where the tale related

3 Sep 2014

Today's Sky

Misty Morning

It's a misty morning today. It's surrounded by silence, except cars and a washing machine, because both nextdoor are absent.

An Old Wire Netting Machine

The other day, we went to the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell. It was a quite nice and interesting museum, which displays the city's time-line history.

This is an old wire netting machine. I had never seen this and also never ever interested in this machine, nor paid attention. But I thought interesting. It explained that the mesh size is different for different types of animals such as chicken, sheep and cow:)

1 Sep 2014

Today's Sky

It was so beautiful clear sky in this morning, but now it's cloudy.

Strangers' Hall

I had been interested in this museum 'Strangers' Hall' in Norwich, Norfolk, since I found this attractive building the other day. It's one of Norwich's oldest buildings, dating back to the 14th century. Norwich's wealthiest merchants and civil leaders had lived there. Strong trading links had already existed between Norwich and the Low Countries, and also the immigrants were officially encouraged to move to the area by Mayor of Norwich, who resided at Strangers' Hall, to revive ailing Norwich cloth industry. So a lot of strangers came in and out of this house to register there and lodge there. Perhaps that's why it is called 'strangers'.
The rooms reflect different periods during the house’s history. Actually, some rooms were added onto the house during centuries, so it was like a maze inside:) A volunteer lady explained us about this fascinating Great Chamber. It was helpful.
The picture of 'the Ages of Man' on a wall was interesting. It depicts each stage of age from birth to death. We will be a skeleton at the end...

The photo is not clear, but it's a beaded layette basket for gifts or clothes. This mosaic technology was fabulous!

I've seen some rocking horses at different places, but I think this was the biggest one.

This is a tiny part of a wall decoration (paint or paper??), which has still remained.

Many dolls around the world were displayed in undercroft, the oldest part of the house. I found 2 different kinds of Japanese dolls:)

I like Norwich. Everytime I visit there, I make a new discovery about shops, street and places.