31 Jul 2014

Today's Sky


At a lady's request, I've been making mother elephants and babies by crochet since last week. She bought all necessary materials and left them with me. I need to make more elephants, but now I grasped the techniques of this.

Every time I crochet this elephant, it reminds me of this elephant card, which my friend sent it to me on my birthday. Because it has an impact. This card is made of elephant 'POO'!

30 Jul 2014

Today's Sky

Bake It Yourself

Obviously, quality of my sleep are different from the big mouse's one. He can fell into a sleep soon after go to bed, and can wake up before the alarm. On the other hand, I usually can't fell into a sleep for a while, and often have dreams. It is said that subjects' vividly recalled dreams mostly occur during REM sleep (rapid eye movement sleep).

The other night, I had a dream. I was walking on a high street in my dream. I don't know where it was, but not in Japan. It was like a storybook town's street. I stopped in front of a small fresh bakery. The shop was decorated with decorative white and blue tiles. Some baskets with breads were displayed by the show window. The shop was simple and also lovely. I unconsciously got into the shop and bought breads.

The shop boy handed me 2 breads which was wrapped by paper. They were rolled dough and not baked yet. I quite suprised that. He explained how to set a oven to bake breads and dissappeared into the backside kitchen in rush. I realised that this bakery is famous for 'bake it yourself' dough. I don't remember after that, because it's just a dream:) It's quite interesting, isn't it?

28 Jul 2014

Shelter From The Rain

It's a rainy morning. When I looked out a window, I saw a cat was sneaking into our garden. This cat is a regular visitor of our garden. It came to shelter from the rain and to take a rest under the gazebo???

27 Jul 2014


I was feeling of unwellness yesterday because of heat and side effect of antibiotics which I've taken for a reason. But now I'm OK. So I walked River Walk and paid attention to plants grow along the path. It's a relaxing Sunday:)

26 Jul 2014


I bought this, 'Limey' at Lakeland. It's for removing limescale from tap heads. Just add some of limescale remover to the ball and fit over the tap head! I had never had this problem in my country, but I've struggled to clean a tap head from limescale in the UK. So I think it's a good idea:) Actually, I used this and it worked well.

25 Jul 2014

You Are Strong

The rose which had neglected care for many years has now bloomed beautifully in our garden:)

23 Jul 2014

Belgian Temptation

Last Sunday, I yield to the temptation to have a taste of this Belgian waffle... Gee... It reminded me of a holiday in Brussels, but also I felt sure that I can't lose weight... Sweets are friends of woman but also enemies...

22 Jul 2014

Today's Sky

The weather is lovely today; sunny, dry and around 25 degrees Celsius.

Recently, I teach how to crochet to beginners as a volunteering assistant, also I started to sell my products at a craft shop again. It's busy to think new items from one to the next, but it's all so much fun.

20 Jul 2014

My Sewing Project - Tag

My next sewing project will be this. A handmade tag (from magazine). Lovely:) I am not sure when I can start this project, because I can't use a sewing machine for a while. Instead of this, I may need to think another project which can be made by hand sewing???

19 Jul 2014


It's been a while since I made pancakes:)

18 Jul 2014

Today's Sky

Terrible thunder and lightning woke me up in this early morning. It's a hot summer day. On such a day, shower is essential, isn't it? A couple days ago, our shower hose got broken. I went to a local ironmonger, but unfortunately the hose was out of stock... Great... Next day, I went to a DIY shop in the next town, bought a hose and fixed it. And today, a plumber came our house to fix another problem. Once our hot water switched on, central heating had started to work as well! Now, we have been liberated from the troublesome condition:)

17 Jul 2014


My friend gave me fresh rhubarb, 100% made in her garden:) To tell the truth, I am unfamiliar with rhubarb. She tought me how to cook, so I am going to cook it.

16 Jul 2014

Flavours of India

I received a lot of flavours of India from my friend today:) We both like these traditional and handmade crafts. They are so fascinating‼ Thank you!

14 Jul 2014

Today's Sky

Japanese Summer

I received a lovely paper cutout card from my friend who lives in Japan. Morning glories, sunflowers, a wind bell, bamboo blind, watermelon, goldfishes and Pig-shaped Katorisenko (mosquito coil incense) holder are a common sight in the summer:)

13 Jul 2014

Miss Saigon

We went to London and saw the musical 'Miss Saigon' at the Prince Edward theatre. I saw this musical in Tokyo (Japanese version) about 20 years ago, and I wanted to see this in English. It's a love story tells the tragic tale of a young orphan girl who works at a bar and falls in love with an American GI, during the Vietnam War.

I've seen some musicals in London, but I noticed that were more Asian people in the audiences than for other musicals.

The bar in the theatre has a balcony, and some people were drinking until the show starts.

I think the seats were full even in balconies. The musical was really great, not only performance but also the set and stage effects. The helicopter's appearance was remarkable. You could feel it as if it flies over you. It's very touching musical. If you have a chance to see this musical, don't miss it!

11 Jul 2014


Ajisai means hydrangea. On my way to Tesco, I found they were blooming so beautifully along a street and I took a photo. It reminded me of my country, because it's a floral symbol of Japanese rainy season:)

10 Jul 2014

Colour Contrast

The other day, a lady was painting and renewing this table. Today, there was a new plant on it. I thought this colour contrast is nice:)

9 Jul 2014

Today's Sky

I was supposed to go to London to have a dinner with the big mouse, to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately, he has been busy and it postponed until this weekend. Instead, I went to Colchester to get some crafting materials:)

8 Jul 2014


Mugicha means roasted barley tea. It's very popular as a cooling summer beverage in my country, particularly in summer. Of course it's served year-around, hot and cold. The big mouse doesn't like this taste. I know at least one English family didn't enjoy this taste very much, because it's not sweet. But I like Mugicha and I drink it everyday. I always stock it in our fridge. It's healthier than coke, isn't it?

7 Jul 2014


It was fresh and nice weather in this morning, I did some gardening. While I was in the garden, a butterfly came to a butterfly bush!

6 Jul 2014


Hooray!! I finished the English exam yesterday! What I can say at the moment is that I did do the best. We went to Chelmsford today, and saw the dragon boat:) From the cafe Nero, I could see the flags for the Tour de France, because its' route passes through Chelmsford. Seems like there are lots of enjoyable events right now.

4 Jul 2014


Hot, hot, hot today... I walked through the war memorial park in Witham on my way to the library. There are beautiful lavenders. It reminded me of Mayfield Lavender farm in Surrey, where we went to last year:)



3 Jul 2014


I volunteered a bit of my time for a workshop and community project today:)

2 Jul 2014


The big mouse doesn't like a tearoom. I don't know why. Maybe because of girly or lady-ish images?
The other day, we went to a tearoom in Chelmsford, where we missed the opportunity last time. In fact, it's a busy tearoom, but luckily only one table was available. Service and food were good, and it's a elegant interior.
Did he change his mind? Seems like the big mouse liked this tearoom:) Yes!