30 Jun 2014

Mediaeval Fayre 2014

We went to see the Mediaeval Fayre on Saturday! It's a special event not only for local people in Witham but also us and our family, because it is held around on our wedding anniversary. It was raining a bit, but it's a British weather!! Many people gathered and seemed they were enjoying it very much.

The music group, BIG SING sang cheerful songs in the church hall.

The Colchester Waits was nice and impressive. It was the first time to listen the live sounds of these instruments.

Hello! I met Nicolas bear:) He loves adventures all around the world!

I saw the exhibition of the battle of Agincourt and silvers as well. We enjoyed the fayre very much.

29 Jun 2014

Today's Sunset

Our Second Wedding Anniversary

How many times can we celebrate together our wedding anniversary in our lives? We celebrated our second wedding anniversary today.

2 years ago, when we came back home from the wedding dinner party, these balloons were delivered. It was the great happy surprise from my friend:) This picture always makes me smile. xxx

27 Jun 2014


I bought a card. Just looking at it makes you happy and smile:)

26 Jun 2014

Today's Sky

My Sewing Project - Clutch Bag

I've sewed a clutch bag, and I faced the problem. Hang on a minute, how to make a lining for it??? I read the instruction, but I couldn't understand it (in English). I've struggled it and I checked You Tube, and I found another way. Well, I decided to sew a lining on the main body by hand. I've nearly finished. I am going to post it on my Crafts Room soon!

24 Jun 2014

Game of Cat and Mouse

I keep cutting weeds, but weeds keep growing fast. My garden project is very very slow pace.


I started to join an English class again a few months ago, and it finished. I think my English has definitely improved since I came here, but also I sometimes feel that it's still a very long way from being able to speak it fluently. In my life here, I only speak English. Every time I learn new words, less frequently used words drain from my brain like water in a colander.

English was my favourite subject at school as a useful tool in a future, and I had lost an opportunity to use it for a while as a member of society, and then, it became a 'MUST' language in my life.

Sometimes I am surprised by myself that I could say something nice sentences in English, and sometimes I fall into a slump, and processing capacity in my brain suddenly reduces.

I am frustrated with this situation, but I like this struggling, rather I enjoy this process. Because I like learning languages, and I know these efforts give me more confidence.

22 Jun 2014

Today's Sky

The big mouse caught a cold... unfortunately.

18 Jun 2014


A local locksmith came yesterday to fix our back door's lock. It was too stiff and hard to lock/unlock the door. It was a quick and thorough response:) Now, it became easy to access to the garden.

My Crochet Project - Copenhagen-Pillow

I found a lovely pillow pattern from here, and I decided to make this :) Let's see... 

15 Jun 2014

Sunday Walk

We went for a walk on river walk as usual. We saw some birds and rabbits.

It was around noon, but the town centre was so quiet. Probably everybody was still in a bed, because of the football match last night. England vs Italy. I am not a big fan of football match, but I like the World Cup matches. Eventually I watched it until it ends. Unfortunately England lost, and also Japan lost the game as well...


14 Jun 2014

Brunch & Comics

We went out for a gorgeous brunch at a luxurious hotel (St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel) in London.


I like this atmosphere; spacious and quiet. The big mouse ordered an English breakfast and I ordered pancakes:) Mmm, it was yummy:)

There was a chess board in the lobby. It's our favourite game. Last weekend, we played chess for the first time in one year. Results? I lost 2 times, but they were good games. I did do well from a disadvantage situation.

After having brunch, we went to the British Library to see the exhibition; 'Comics Unmasked, Art and Anarchy in the UK (2 May-19 Aug, 2014). There were a lot of comics which I don't know. But as it say, comics can be a playground for the imagination, where rules and reality no longer apply. It was an interesting exhibition.

11 Jun 2014

Self Beauty Treatment

Do you know what it is? This is a ceramic massage stone. I bought this in Japan several years ago. I use this for a face or body massages in the bath. Especially I use this for legs, because I have poor blood-circulation. Also it helps to smooth out cellulite and to be free from swelling of foot. When used in conjunction with some massage oil or lotion, the stone glide nicely on the skin.
When I bought this, I thought it was expensive, but now I think I got a return on my investment. It's my cheap and easy self-beauty treatment, which I can do any time I want.

Today's Sky

9 Jun 2014

Feel Good :)

This photo is around Piccadilly Circus of yesterday. The weather was good and temperature was risen. I felt so refreshed;)

8 Jun 2014

The Commitments

We saw a comedy musical 'The Commitments' in the stalls section at the Palace Theatre, in London. This musical is recreated from the 1991 hit film about a motley group of working-class Dubliners who form a soul band.

It was a great musical, I recognized some songs, but I struggled to hear their English with Dublin accent... I should have watched the film first?? I think playing, singing and dancing, their performance was great and it entertained guests very much. I really enjoyed it.

7 Jun 2014

After 6 Months

Today, I found something familiar envelop in our post. It was the Christmas card I sent to my friend last December. It returned to me because of 'unknown address'. But why now? Where had it been?? It came back after six months!!! And I thought it's great, because it failed to deliver to my friend, but it returned to me without fail. It crossed the sea and travelled the countries for six months with just one stamp!

I wrote the number of her building, but seemed like I skipped the apartment number... And now, after 6 months I found that she didn't get my greeting card... I never would have guessed I would get this in June!

Today's Sky

There was a heavy rain and thunder around the noon. But it's a clear sky now.

Yesterday's Sunset

6 Jun 2014

Tenderness For A Cuppa

In a Japanese sense, or at least in the sense of my family, everytime I found a little bit of milk is left in the frige, I thought, 'Why didn't you finish it? It will go bad soon...' The big mouse always leave me a tiny bit of milk in the fridge. Since I found that it's for a cuppa the next morning, I've appreciated it:)

Today's Sky