30 Apr 2014


I've felt down, because my English doesn't go as I wish. It happens sometimes. I know, but sometimes I can't help it. I'm trying to accept that that's the way it is, and to think that I am doing well. I paused at these lovely flowers today.

29 Apr 2014

Today's Sky

It's a overcast weather...

28 Apr 2014

Today's Sky

The pollen season is underway.

Felixstowe Walk

Following the last weekend, we went to the seaside town, Felixstowe, Suffolk for a walk. The train was delay about an hour due to over-running engineering works... Great... The British train operating company has changed it's name from 'Greater Anglia' into 'Abellio Greater Anglia' some time ago. Now the most of trains have a logo 'Abellio'. I just thought that if they spent their money on a logo, they should have improved their service...

Anyway, we started walking from Felixstowe Station and walked through the Grove. It was a nice weather for walk. As the same as the last time, we printed out a map and description from Suffolk Rail Way Walks indication. It was easier course than before, we completed 5 miles course.
Route +

The view was beautiful.

We followed this unmetalled track.

And we found a hole. It must be for a fox??

It was a stunning view! This area is called Old Felixstowe. According to the instruction, this area along the river Deben, used to be marshes and drained farmland.

We saw Marello Towers on the coast. They are small defencive forts that were built to protect the country from invasion. (It's in the middle of the picture.)

We descend to the seaside.

There were colourful beach huts.

At very low tides, you can sometimes see the remains of a former Roman fort. Now it's under the sea. We guessed it was there, the area with the stable foaming waves. We were not sure though...

We encountered scouts groups gathering or something:)

We walked up the hill, and passed through the main shopping street.

There were some remarkable buildings.

We returned to the start of the walk at the station. Between Ipswich and Felixstowe, we got a short train of one carriage.


26 Apr 2014


We went to a DIY shop, B&Q. I've wanted to paint a bed room wall this year. I think painting is one of British life's pleasures, because in my country, we rarely paint a wall because of difference in structures. So we went to the paint section. To conclude, we couldn't decide the colour... I have an image and an idea in my mind, but there were so many paints. And we had a different opinion. Instead, we got brochures and a couple of testers. Let's see...

Today's Sky

25 Apr 2014

Just Because They Were Beautiful...

Find The Best Buy

I have worked steadily on my sewing projects. I mentioned about this project before, I had looked for a photo frame for this frame project. And finally I found a nice photo frame at a charity shop. A shop staff said it was a pair and there was another one. But one was left. I thought this was the best buy. I loved this frame at first sight. It was a bit dirty, so I cleaned and polished it. Now it's shinning! I am going to select items such as ribbons, laces and buttons from my box, and to decide the design.

24 Apr 2014

Snail Mail

Nobody sends snail mail anymore. Who said that? My Japanese friends sometimes send me thoughtful and solicitous cards/letters. E-mail has become a lot of common and indispensable in the world, but an unexpected cards/letters are always heartwarming. My friends always remind me that how our country and cultures are beautiful. 

22 Apr 2014


When I was a child, I enjoyed watching an anime series 'The Genie Family (Hakushon Daimaō)' on TV. The story is about a boy and a genie. The boy (Kan-chan) finds a old bottle, he discovers that whenever anyone sneezes, the genie (Hakushon Daimaō) is brought out and must grant the wish of whoever sneezed. And also whenever anyone yawns, his daughter (Akubi) does the same thing. I quite like this TV programme. The boy always tries to bring him out using pepper.

I was a young girl. My sister and I questioned whether 'does pepper really make you sneeze?' Pepper contains piperine, and it acts as an irritant if it gets into the nose. We needed to validate it. So we took a pepper bottle out from the kitchen, and put pepper on my grandfather's nose while he had had a nap. As a result, he awakened immediately and we got chewed out by him. ;p

Today's Sky

Easter Holiday is over. It's always a bit hard to get back to a nomal life after the wonderful holiday, isn't it? :) 

21 Apr 2014

Stowmarket Walk

We walked Stowmarket, a small market town situated in Suffolk. It was the first walking of this year. It was slightly overcast and it was a good weather for walk. We printed out a map and description from Suffolk Rail Way Walks indication. We sometimes got lost a bit, but we completed this 5 and 1/2 miles course (strictly speaking I think we walked about 6 miles, because we got lost...).
Route +

We started from Stowmarket railway station and turned left to the path along the river  Gipping.


In my opinion, this riverside path was not so nice, because it's alongside of the factory. But it's only a part of walking route:)

After we crossed the bridges over the river Gipping and the river Rat, passed the roundabout and turned right on Needham Road, there was a beautiful half timbered house.

We crossed roads and walked public footpaths. They were simple paths but we went back and forth looking for a path;p

Tada! A wonderful field of nature showed up on our steps. It was quite impressive!

Description say 'turn right on a grass strip across the field, marked with a footpath sign...', but we reached at a road. So we turned back and found that a footpath sign was hidden. Ahh..

We walked on a grass strip across the field and followed signs.

We finally reached the road and walked along a street. We were in a small village, Combs. It was actually a lovely old village. You can see some picturesque thatched cottages and farms.


Sometimes fresh eggs, vegetables and plants were sold on the side of the road. I wanted to buy some, if it was not walking.We had paid attention to not miss 'Jacks Lane', but again, we missed it, because there was no sign... We relied just on printed-out map and description, and sometimes on our instincts, but this time, the big mouse used google map on his i-phone.

If you can see this Combs' village sign board, you've already missed 'Jacks Lane'.

Followed Jacks Lane, we turned right on the path at the bottom of the hill.

We didn't walk on a long narrow section of woodland as description say, but walked on grass path. Eventually it was connected by a path to woodland.

This is an open grass recreation area. We kept walking along the left edge, and then found the road, Combs Lane.

We had a lunch at the Magpie pub. It was a quite comfortable pub. But the pub was not the goal of this course. After we had a lunch, we walked on Ipswich street and went back to the station:)

5-6 miles walking course is reasonable and suitable for beginners. We are satisfied this course, and are going to challenge another course in the near future.