7 Feb 2014

A Hole

In this world, there are drought-stricken areas. In contrast, flooding is very serious in the UK now. According to the news, parts of England have had their wettest January in more than 100 years. Not only rainybut it's been blowy. Why is it so wet and windy?

Our garden has been messed up now. The garden rubbish is left uncontrolled in the garden, because we can't drag rubbish bin to the garden through the house, because of too wet. The fence is still leaning. A fencing man can't fix it because of bad weather. Every time strong wind blow, I worry whether the fence is still there. Once I had a bad dream that the fence was blown away! And yesterday, I found a big hole in the roof of gazebo! Oh, nooooooo!! Don't break anything anymore, please!