30 Oct 2013


I was so upset, angry and confused, because a big tree in our garden was cut by someone while we were absent. I hadn't heard anything, just I found it has suddenly gone. I knew who did it, because our neighbour had wanted to cut it, but I couldn't understand why they did without notice. I made a contact with my husband. He said the neighbour asked him if it's OK to make it shorter in the morning, and he said OK, because we know we need to do something that big tree. But he didn't expect they would do it on that day, and also he had thought they would trim long branches, that's why he didn't tell me. But in fact, it was cut from the root... According to them, it split while they trimmed it and cut down for safety.

They have known our garden very well for a long time more than us, and looked after our property while my husband was living in NY. They said it was a small bush at first, but grew so fast. Now it was taller than nearby trees. I understood they worried it causes property damage because we had a strong storm a day before yesterday, and I saw a huge tree in our town turned down from the root by the storm. I admit that it was a troublesome tree and we had trouble making up our mind if we cut it down or just trim it.

There was a misunderstanding. It was maybe a right decision, and we know they meant no offense, but on the other hand, I still can't understand and I feel uncomfortable to be honest, that someone did something in our property while we are out. Suddenly I felt sad last night, this event reminded me of my dad's car which was discarded and squashed when I was a child. We went to auto graveyard together, and I and my sister appealed to save its life.

Well..., done is done. The big tree had hidden our messy back garden, but now it appeared clearly. Also decayed wooden fences are almost falling down... now, it's time to do more gardening... Next summer, we are sure we will get more sunshine. Now we have a different view from the window.