31 Jul 2013


Dragonflies I see in the UK are very small and fragile with ethereal beauty. Some are blue and some are emerald green. It's so beautiful and words are too weak to describe it.

I had missed a chance to take a photo of dragonfly. Because, you know, it's living creature. But finally I got it! Well... it's very far and a self-satisfaction level though...

30 Jul 2013

Imperial Leather Soap

I sometimes buy different soap for a joy. I first knew Imperial Leather soap in the UK. This brand originates in Britain and is now available in many other countries.

I wonder about Imperial Leather soap... It's about the label. The small logo-label is stuck on one side of a soap. Why does it need on a soap? Every time you use it, you need to remove the label to the very end. Amazingly, the label always stay on it. There may be a reason. But it always makes me annoy.

A Newblown Flower

A new flower bloomed in our garden yesterday. 

29 Jul 2013

Happy Saturday

Norwich is one of our favourite place. There are a lot of attractive local shops and you can enjoy shopping very much. My husband doesn't like shopping but we enjoyed shopping together in Norwich.
This is the pub my husband used to have beers when he was a university student. It's still there.

It's a graffiti of the Olympics austerity.

I'm interested in "frank's bar" but it's always busy inside. Once we popped in before, but gave up because all the tables were taken.
This is our favourite café in a cinema. The building is used old church.

We had a lunch here. I ordered Today's soup and half sandwich, and chocolate tart as a dessert. Mushrooms' soup was really nice. Last time we had a lunch here, I ate a impactful and swanky dessert; a flower pot. Compared with that, it was normal and a little bit tame appearance, but rich chocolate was yummy.

We strolled a new area along the river where we hadn't walked.


And I took some pictures of the cathedral from different angles.


I'm interested in a beautiful gardens as well:)

On our way back home, the train had an engine trouble, and we had to get off the train at Diss station and got on the next train. Bad experience that we were trapped in a hot train for 2 hours in the past went through my head. Fortunately, next train came soon. We upgraded to the first class because my husband said the train would be busy. I seldom get the first class seat, but it was clean and comfortable seat. I thought it's expensive but depending on conditions, it maybe not, because you can get free refreshments:)

28 Jul 2013

When Pigs Fly

My sister in Japan has been busy with the children, part-time job and household chores, and had no time for herself. On the other hand, I (small mouse) am a housewife with no kids. I was lying on a bed without doing any household chores on the evening. I asked my husband (big mouse) who had busy week and is tired, to get the laundry in and to grab something for supper by himself. Sounds like I am a cruel and lazy wife. I enjoyed listening of the chatter of happy voice and music from neighbours for a while, who have enjoyed the summer .

Suddenly, it started raining and cool fresh air came through from the window. Comfy... Sound of rain is cosy, isn't it? I like to go to sleep to the sound of water drumming the roof. I could hear the distant thunder rumbling as well. What a happy life I have..... except a stomach-ache...

Yes, I had something lying on my stomach and felt sick, that's why I was lying on the bed. Did I have something wrong or heavy meal? Let me point out that I am not a cruel wife:)

On the following day, around the noon, we finished shopping and stood in the kitchen to make sandwich together. At least, I was thinking to make two sandwich, one for my husband and one for me. He took out one dish and put breads on it. I spread margarine on breads, and he put hams and cut cheese with snitching it. He carried the sandwich while I poured drink into glasses. Finally, I sat on a chair and looked at him. He had already started on his sandwich with smile. But he showed little intention of passing the dish to me. Still my sandwich was in front of him. And in the next breath, he brought MY SANDWICH to his mouth! I came to the realisation that he was making sandwich only for himself!! I couldn't believe it! Are we really a couple? He hasn't been able to get rid of feeling singleton! He always calls his blunder "small thing". What a positive person he is! I felt anger boiling inside of me and made another sandwich by myself. Watch out! Nothing but women's grudge about food is frightened.

When I had a homestay in Edinburgh, one of my housemates complained that I ate "her yogurt" in the fridge. Actually there were 3 cups of yogurts in the fridge; one different flavoured yogurt and two same flavoured yogurts. Another girl ate my yogurt first without caring flavour, and I probably picked her yogurt believing that was mine. Seemed like she was disappointed that her favourite flavoured yogurt had gone from "her shelf in the fridge"... She was a very sensitive girl and had her own rule about the fridge. Eventually, she forgave me though...

Lessons and Conclusion;
  • Starving women are very aggressive rather than men.
  • If you want to butter up to women, you had better to give some nice food.
  • Everything goes on smoothly, if I don't ask him for help......

Gorillas’ Collection

I took some gorillas' photos in Norwich. It's an art trail and many gorillas are on show at different locations around the city. I found more gorillas including baby gorillas and took photos some of them. Each gorilla is produced by professional artists, schools and community groups.


26 Jul 2013


Children are now on summer holiday. My parents are disappointed, because their grandchildren don't have enough time to visit them during this summer holiday. A elder girl became a junior high school student and she has been busy to take part in her club activities. My father used to blow up a paddling pool for them, but his role seems over.

I can hear grandchildren's voice from my neighbour. At this house, grandfather prepares an enviable big-sized paddling pool like my father did. Sounds fun:)

I've engaged on crochet project to sell, but I can't achieve a satisfactory level of result, and nothing has completed. I feel irritation at the lack of progress... Well, it's useless to get so worked up. Take a break in the garden.

23 Jul 2013

Senile Dementia

My grandmother is now 98 years old. She was in delirium after she had foot surgery several years ago. According to a doctor, it is often caused by drug effects, especially for older people. She didn't remember that she broke her leg and couldn't walk, so she tried to stand up and to walk. For her safety, she was temporary strapped into her bed in a hospital. It made her being in delirium. She disordered unmanageably. She confused doctors and nurses with police, and got it into her head that she would be sent to a shelter or somewhere... Poor grandmother.

Now she lives with her son. The surgery promoted her senile dementia. My uncle has looked after her, and also his siblings have helped him and my grandmother. Since a couple months ago, my parents have accepted her to stay over two nights once a week and looked after her, because my uncle has been tired. My mother said the care is a very tough work.

My grandmother is sometimes forgot their family and me as well. She was very humble and modest woman, but now sometimes she becomes selfish and stubborn under the dementia status. I was a mammothrept, and spent many times together when I was young. I walked hand in hand with her, and jumped every manhole covers on our way to shopping everyday. I learnt many things from her, including sewing and crafting. Those were the days...

So, I was very happy to talk to her just the way she is. She looks forward to see me again.

21 Jul 2013

The World's End

We saw the British film "The World's End", a funy sci-fi comedy. The title reminded me a big scaled film likes "Armagedden" or "War of the Worlds" etc, but it was a name of 'pub'. The story about a guy in his 40s, but still has the same style and behaviour as when he was a school boy. He gathered his mates from twenty years ago to attain pub crawl in their hometown. 

It was funny in quick tempo at first, but the story took an unexpected turn. In my opinion, it was too much and I prefer the story keeps going the first approach without an element of sci-fi.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching it. I identified with the main character because he was a grown-up child:) Most of my friends have a family and are good mum now. But I live the way I want to and still have child's mind:)

My kitchen Project - Storage

After a big fuss the matter was settled. I had kept pleading with my husband to do something about shelves, because number of shelf board was too small. Foodstuffs had piled up in a big container and every time I was forced to have inconveniency and difficulty performing household tasks.

We don't have professional tools and skills but we fix problems by making simple shelf and buying a tidy plastic drawers during this weekend. I cut wooden board and my husband sanded away, he held boards and I nailed up them. What a powerful woman I am! Now I can make effective use of space.

20 Jul 2013

Imperial Mints

We love imperial mints and I often put them into a jar on a table.

And the big mouse appears with a lighting speed, as soon as he catches the sounds...

Paparazzi photo of the big mouse's hand

Poor Thing

I am Japanese, but I don't eat sushi very much. Because I don't eat raw fish. I eat cooked fish, and a little bit raw white fish, but normally, I feel sick after I eat them. That's why I don't eat them. Raw fish doesn't agree with me. However, there are some raw fish-free sushi, such as Inari-zushi, Maki-zushi, chirashi-zushi etc, and I like them.

If I say "I don't eat raw fish" to someone in outside of Japan, usually I get no reaction. But in Japan, every time I say 'I don't eat raw fish.', everybody say "Really? Oh, poor thing..." with an expression of extreme disbelief, as if they met a weird alien-like creature. I have been told "POOR THING!" since I was child. Poor thing? What do you mean? Why do you say that? Japan is island country surrounded by sea and has rich fishery product. If you stay at a hotel near the sea, it is normal that raw fish is served. Poor thing. I've heard that thousands of times, and I've been fed up with hearing it. I can't understand why they have such response. Everybody marks me as eccentric, just only because I don't eat raw fish. I know fish is an excellent source of protein that is low in saturated fat, and I eat fish if it's cooked. Actually, I don't think it's a poor thing at all, and it's none of your business. It's just about raw fish doesn't agree with me, that's all. What's wrong with it? Sometimes, Japanese have tendency to group everyone into one cookie-cutter category, which they believe they are right.

A decade ago, if I said "I don't have a driver's license", I got a similar reaction. They looked at me with a look of stunned surprise, because most young people had the license and drove a car at that time. But now more young Japanese are moving away from having a car or a driver's license for economical reasons, and also due to waning interest in cars.

By the way, I cooked maki-zushi (rolled sushi). I hadn't eaten maki-zushi more than a year. I can't get Japanese rice around here, but I found and got Korean rice and nori; edible seaweed:) My mother sent me Kampyo (brown one); dried shavings of calabash, so I boiled it down with soy sauce, sugar and mirin; a Japanese essential condiment . Looks a bit ugly, but taste is ok:) Bon appetit.

18 Jul 2013

Hand Soap

My nieces gave me these. These are portable hand-soap flavoured with rose and grapefruit. I thought they were hand creams. Smells good! They are so lovely! They always carry it when they go to play tennis. They like to be clean:)

15 Jul 2013

My kitchen Project - Shelves

I had thought for a long time that it's a wasted space in kitchen shelves, because number of shelf plate is too small. I didn't have a chance to get materials and tools for some reasons. But at last, I made one of shelf plates in this morning. If I ask my husband to make this, he is likely to keep putting off forever, so I made it. It was easy. It's very practical:)


We saw the musical "Billy Elliot" at the Victoria Palace Theatre on Saturday. It was really amazing musical!

At The Royal Ballet School audition, Billy is asked "What does it feel like, when you are dancing?" and he responds hesitantly at first, "I really can't explain it..." But the music comes on. "Electricity sparks inside of me and I'm free, I'm free!" He describes dancing as "Electricity". Dancing is his passion, and what he is.

When you have passion about something, you may be off in your own world and feel something like that. I think it would be wonderful if you have an absolute passion for something, no matter what it may be.


14 Jul 2013

Pop-Up Card

I received the pop-up birthday card from my Japanese friend. The scene is a  typical Japanese summer festival. This brings back memories...:)