30 Jun 2013

Sunny Sunday

We went to Maldon again. I like Maldon. It was a nice summer day and riverside was quite crowded with people as if a festival is held. Some people had enjoyed having sunbathing, running and taking a dog walk. We had nice walk and had lunch at the usual nice pub.

After we strolled the town centre, we had a coffee at M deli. It was a nice café and I liked their concept that "they carefully select the best local, organic and x product, supporting independent  suppliers, ensuring low environmental impact and amazing quality".

Wenlock Way High St
Maldon, Essex CM9 5AD 
Phone; 0161842637

Mediaeval Fayre 2013

The Medieval Fair was held in Witham. I looked forward to the day of the fair, because it's very memorable event for me. Last year, it was held the day after our wedding, so my parents could enjoy the atmosphere of this local event. And this year, it was held on our first anniversary! I was happy about it. In the UK, Richard III became big news, because his skeleton was found in Leicester and identified. For that reason, this year, a Richard III exhibition was held at church as well.

It was nice weather. The churchyard was full with people.

We enjoyed listening concert of the music group, BIG SING in the church hall.

Also, we joined Bell Ringers Talk & Tour. To be honest, we missed a chance to climb the tower last year, and we had critically determined to climb the tower since last year! The stair of the tower was very narrow and steep more than I thought, but the talk about the bells was really nice! Listening to the bells definitely was joyful:) We enjoyed it very much.

Also I am happy that I could see the morris dance and clog dance again this year:) Their rhythmical and humorous footsteps make audience smile.


The Mediaeval Fair made our anniversary even more enjoyable and memorable.

29 Jun 2013

Our First Wedding Anniversary

It's our first wedding Anniversary today:) Last year, we were celebrated by our family and friends, and it was really nice simple wedding:) Time fly fast!!
We've got along well with each other. And I am happy to have the anniversary. Thank you, to all our family and friends who have supported us. And thank you for congratulatory emails and cards.


28 Jun 2013

Again, Flowers

I have been posting pictures of flowers on my blog, but again, a picture of flowers:) because tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary (cheers)! Last night, my husband said "please stay at home in tomorrow morning, something will be delivered to you." His suggestion rang the bell:) Ahh, he ordered flowers for me:) Bingo! Gerbera daisy is my favourite! He always gives me flowers on a special day. Thanks!

27 Jun 2013


Not many, but roses in our garden blossomed beautifully:)

26 Jun 2013

Disappointing Shopping

I thought that how wonderful it would be if I decorate a kitchen with flowers, it would make me enjoy doing everyday chores, and brighten up my heart ! And then, I bought fake but lovely flowers. Unfortunately, sometimes a defective or substandard products are sold at shops in the UK. So I paid attention to conditions of flowers, and I bought it. It was perfect at least when I left a shop, but seemed like I dropped somewhere one of the five heads of flowers... I feel disappointed about it... Well, never mind.

25 Jun 2013

English Lesson

We finally got some sunshine. It makes me more hyper:)

It was the last day of English lesson. Actually, the class was supposed to be finished two weeks ago, but we had free extra lessons by the courtesy of our teacher. I am truly thankful for her. She has a fervour for education and people in the class are very friendly and nice. We supported each another to learn English. All in all, I am a very satisfied with learning environment. Only the exam is waiting. I'll do the best!!

23 Jun 2013

Garden Arch

We built a garden arch today. Roses near the path had hung loosely and blocked our ways. It was a bit large in width but not bad:) There are a lot of things to do in the garden, but it started raining hard and we stopped gardening. My husband, against his will, built it together, but he is quite happy with the result:)

22 Jun 2013

The British Museum

Following the last weekend, I went out into London. I wore trainers because I intended to walk a lot. Today's aim was to walk from London Liverpool Street Station to Oxford Street, to visit the British Museum and to do shopping. Walking in London is nice, because I can develop a sense of direction. As I walked, I could confirm the place I saw from taxi window before.
I had a nice coffee at a café near the British Museum, and visited the museum on 10:00, it's the opening hour. I could avoid the crowds.

I mainly saw Europe section, especially I liked potteries and tiles. They are so lovely.


21 Jun 2013


I got caught in the rain yesterday on my way from the library. I rarely check the weather forecast in the UK, because it always say fair, cloudy, occasionally rain. It's a overcast day today, and it started raining. I don't like rain but it's better than Japanese rain season. The rainy season has already started in Japan. Have a nice weekend!

20 Jun 2013

Try !?

A graceful lady in a workshop gave me the crochet book, because it's a difficult for her. OMG.. it's a difficult for me too! Now that I have it, I should give it a try, shouldn't I? Which should I try?

19 Jun 2013

My Colour

When I was 20's, I always had a well-manicured hand. Sometimes I used nail accessories as well. When the first nail salon opened in our city, I splurged on a salon manicure. At that time, their main customers were women who worked in a bar, and price was a bit high. My friend and I said jokingly 'let's get the nail technician certificate in America, and launch a business together!' It wasn't possible, if we had a real passion for it. But it was a sort of personal hobby for us. The passion didn't last long:) 

Especially during the summer, I have enjoyed having a pedicure. Last season, my theme colour was 'red', but the theme this year is 'blue'. There are many blue manicures at shops, but I decided to use this.

18 Jun 2013


Last year, we went to pick my parents up at Heathrow Airport. On our way to London, my husband asked me whether I brought a pyjama, because my bag seemed like small. Oops, good point. He was very attentive! On that day, I had planned to stay at a hotel with my parents. We made a quick visit to Marks & Spencer to get a pyjama. Honestly, I didn't want to buy any pyjama, because other pyjamas in a shipping box was expected to be arrived soon...

I have been using and loving regularly the same material negligees/pyjamas for long years, from Peach John (PJ). PJ is Japanese email-order retailer of lingerie and apparel. Best of all, a ribbed texture feels good against the skin:) I really love it, though it's not sexy...

Since then, every time we travel to somewhere, he has asked me whether I have a pyjama :)

16 Jun 2013

London-Walk and Musical

Instead of shopping, I walked around London in the early morning. Starting from London Liverpool Street Station, I passed Monument and walked along the River Thames. And then passed Tower of London, crossed Tower Bridge and walked in the Southwark area. I like to walk along the River Thames. There is a nice path. I saw some people were running, but a few people were walking because it was Saturday early Morning. I had a coffee in a café, but every shop was still closed, even Tate Modern! So I kept walking. Crossed Blackfriars bridge, visited Barbican and Museum of London. I like this museum because it's full of the sense of London:)

My husband had work on Saturday but finished smoothly around noon. So we arranged to meet and had a lunch near the station. I ordered a Lobster Omelette. Looks like curry, but it had a rich taste and was yummy:)

After that, we went to The London Palladium to see the musical 'A Chorus Line'. Actually, we received cash voucher for entertainments last year as a wedding present. That voucher is valid for a year and there is not much time left. We went to the theatre and bought tickets. But unfortunately we couldn't use the voucher. The ticket seller said that we could only use it via website or on the phone!! So we need to make another plan for entertainment:) Anyway, it was the first time to see 'Chorus Line'. The simple set had showed up the characters and their dance and singing techniques. It took about two hours without break time. It was awesome!!

14 Jun 2013

Trial and Error

I am in the process of trial and error to make my own original crochet work. I mean, I am not creating a pattern of crochet, but considering the design of work. I am going to put them on a craft shop as our project. I don't think they will sell well, in addition it's the summer season. Selling is not my purpose, but I just enjoy creating something lovely and sharing ideas with other people. I would be happy if my works will pleasure to people's eye. And, it would be great if someone will pick up my work and buy it. There is a nice craft shop, and I always can get inspiration from people's works:)

I will go shopping tomorrow. I wonder what kind of inspirations I can get?

13 Jun 2013


It's a cloudy and windy day. Hanging baskets in the garden are swinging. 

12 Jun 2013


I feel I am getting happier and happier:) One of the reasons is my husband and another reason is that here is a comfy place to live. I wouldn't say there is no stress in my life, but compared with my 30's, I say with pride that I am happy:)

When I think back, I believe that I suffered from mental problems when I was in my 30's. I haven't seen a psychiatrist nor was I diagnosed with mental illness, but something was wrong with me. I easily got frustrated by everything with no reasons and was not feel up to go out with people for a period of time. I had a lot of stress from hard work and relationships...

In Japan, there's an idea of "Yakudoshi". It's a set of believed unlucky ages. People think that the person would see some very notable alterations to the body, and be at a great risk of death during these years. Unlucky years are different for men (25, 42, 61 year old) and women (19, 33, 37). In particular 42 is said to be the most unlucky for men and 33 for women. Some people participate in traditional Shinto ritual for purification at the shrine, some don't. I didn't, because I think it's just a warning for your health.

My bad luck started when I was 33. The first sign was my hair. Originally, I have wavy hair but it became very strong. I realised that I had unrulier hair than ever! Maybe it happened because of hormone imbalances. Secondly, I suffered from skin inflammation on my face. Medical cream caused it to get worse. My skin got tight like burn scar and peeled on my face repeatedly. For that reason, I didn't want to walk outside and to come under observation.

Also I started to have a feeling of numbness in my hand, especially in my little finger. I didn't have s strong hand grip. Sometimes it was hard to grip a bag or even to hold up a flying pan! One day, I had stiff-necked and went to the doctor. I was diagnosed as 'Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)'. What are the symptoms of TOS? I'd never heard of it. Symptoms include neck, shoulder, and arm pain, numbness etc... because of an inadequate passageway through an area between the base of the neck and the armpit. Tapping on the keyboard, holding heavy things, and keeping hands above the head (such as hanging on a strap in a train, blowing my hair dry etc.), brought my arm a feeling of strangeness and tiredness. Effective treatment was a variety of exercises that stretch open the tissues of the thoracic outlet. I also took medicines for it. One of medicines had effect to allay some of the anxiety. I felt better after taking medicines.

I had sat in front of a computer all day at work. I had worked hard with poor working conditions and took medicines to relieve my symptoms of TOS. It seemed like a negative cycle. I thought "Do I have a bright future ahead of me???"

For that reasons, to be honest, I was worried at first about living in the UK. I wasn't sure if I really had mental illness and I recovered from it. I wondered if I could get along with life in another country, if I would be able to fit into the community. I was not teen, 20's nor early 30's, my anxiety was bigger than their's. As a result, now I feel happier than ever! I have a self-conscious personality, but I can get comfortable being myself here. Japan is peaceful and wealthy country, and I love Japan of course, but Japanese society has habitually a sense of Grundyism. I am acutely sensitive to it. That's why I can feel comfortable being myself. Now, I've refreshed myself in both body and mind. I rarely have symptoms of TOS now, and I haven't had medicines as well.

11 Jun 2013


We passed Flempton village. Flempton takes its name from its founders who came from Flanders (Flemings) and settled the area in Anglo-Saxson times.

I think it's quite an attractive village, I saw many thatched houses around there! It was the first time to see so many thatched houses at one time! There was the village pub; the Greyhound. We were hungry but unfortunately it was closed at that time... That was a shame.

There is St Catherine's Church on the corner. Wooden gate was beautiful. Not only this church, but the churches are mostly kept locked recently. The graveyard was full with grass and wildflowers. It has become a nature reserve for local wild plants.