22 Dec 2012

Tatting Lace

My sister sent me a tatting lace which she made with a Christmas card. She is a crafts lover and I am as well, but tatting, knitting whichever I am not very good with them... When I was around 14 years old, I learnt how to knit a muffler out of wool at school. I bought a lovely pink knitting wool and was absorbed in my knitting at first. But I realised that the width of muffler was not equal, rather it was in a trapezoidal shape. I unwound most of the worsted, I got tired of it and gave up..... For a long time, it was sleeping in the back of a built-in shelf, and then transformed into my niece's cap and muffler by my mother. We are sisters who love crafts but our specialities seem a bit different.