9 Dec 2012

Nothing Else Matters

There is very famous and popular chick-shaped sweet; "Hiyoko" in Japan. It is originally invented in Fukuoka in 1912, but expanded their business to Tokyo when Tokyo Olympics was held. Since then, it has been familiar to everyone as a souvenir from Tokyo as well. This sweets use white kidney beans, which are boiled, mashed, sweetened with sugar and diluted into sweet beans pastes, and are wrapped with a thin, soft pastry.


We also have a fish-shaped pancake which is commonly filled sweet red beans pastes inside. Nothing else matters, but sometimes we talk about what part you start to eat, because of their lovely figures. From a head, or bottom?

When my elder niece was little, I visited them, bringing "Hiyoko". While my sister was making some tea, the little girl took a large bite into a head of Hiyoko! And she finished it as quick as a flash before her mother sit down with cups of tea. And she started eating another Hiyoko with us. We laughed at her pretty healthy appetite.

For those reasons, I always think what part I start to eat.

As I mentioned in my article "Cheese", the big mouse and small mouse appeared in our kitchen. The big mouse picked a cheese with the reindeer packaging with knife, and started to cut it. But small mouse said "No, no, no!" with astonishment. She just didn't want him to chop reindeer's red nose off... Is this nonsense? That's why I told you this is nothing else matters:)