21 Dec 2012

Expensive Woman

I proclaimed myself a inexpensive woman for men in Japan, because I don't eat raw fish (incl. Sushi) consequently men didn't need to ask me for a date at expensive sushi bars. But this is no longer the case in the UK. I am one of the expensive women now. It doesn't mean I prefer slap-up restaurants or designer dresses, but just live in the UK, just because of non-EU, the government charge mes for extras fee not only for the visa but also for English lessons. Of course it's not only me.

Anyway, I started taking English lesson. I feel like I'm a real student for the first time in decades. This six months will be my challenge months. I'll get real. My goal is to be a British native speaker. Do you think I've been mad? I know it's ridiculous and impossible, but it's the highest goal. It's beyond my reach, but I can get close to them as much as I can if I get real. It's my eternal goal. If I am an expensive woman, I will be desirable and worthful woman!