26 Oct 2012


My nieces started playing tennis this year. It's nice to see children grow, and to compare to how your own childhood. What kind of lessons have you ever taken in your life? There are the lessons I took in my life:
  • Organ; I learnt to play the organ when I was aged 4 and 5 following my mother's advice. I was only child but I realised that I have no aptitude for music, because I don't have perfect-pitch. I wasn't happy learning, and I always felt like quitting.
  • Japanese Calligraphy; I wanted to learn Calligraphy because of my grandfather and my sister. Every year I won prizes for calligraphy-brush and pen at school. Eventually I'd learnt it for 9 years since I was 6. I took the second grades on second stage of calligraphy (ten grades on first stage and then, ten grades of second stage of calligraphy)
  • Swimming / Summer School; I decided to learn swimming with my friend, because we couldn't swim. The goal of this school to become capable of swimming 25m. I couldn't join all the  lessons due to some reasons but I enjoyed it. At the final 25m test, unfortunately I stood on the way I felt short on breath, but it was on 20m line. Almost the 25m! I though I never finish anything... 
  • English Conversation Class (AEON); When I was a high school student, I had an English lesson after school twice a week for a half-year. The course fee was expensive at that time. Also I had one or two English classes at school everyday. It was the time I had a great deal of interest in learning English and I studied it hard in my life.
  • British Tea Lesson; It was a 4-time lesson, I joined it with my sister after work. We learnt the characteristics of some kinds of tea leaves. It was fun but also we enjoyed having tea and sweets after the lesson:)
  • English Conversation Class (PRIMARY SCHOOL); I'd learnt English conversation once a week for several years since 2004. Because I learnt English in Scotland in 2003, and wanted keep practising. Not only lessons, but also private activities with other people was really enjoyable. The unfortunate thing about this school was that member and teachers were changeable.
  • English Pronunciation / Summer class (INTER SCHOOL); I joined this class because I
    want to speak English accurately with good pronunciation like a native as much as I could. There were only two students including me! We enjoyed pronouncing with a rhythmic pace!
  • English Translation / Summer class(INTER SCHOOL); I joined this class after I joint-translated an English book on business. Since then I queried about how to translate. It was a nice experience for me.
Apart from these, I had been into some activities by myself.
  • English Calligraphy; I bought pens, inks and books, I studied it by myself. I sometimes wrote cards for my friends with calligraphy. I also was a (ghost) member of the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society (CLAS) for a couple years, but I didn't enter any activities. Just got inspiration from CLAS' publishing.
  • Nail Arts; When Nail Arts first became popular among Japanese women, I went crazy doing my nails. It was not professional way with various decoration of beads, stones or piercing, but I polished and changed colour every week. 
  • Romanian Language; I have an Romanian friends. After visiting them, I bought self-study book and dictionary. I used to commute while listening to Romanian with a Walkman plugged into one's ears
  • Snowboard; It was the activity I invested the most. As you might have guessed, I am not very athletic. It was a very long way until I can snowboard well. I mean... not well but I can. Every times I blamed what couldn't be done for my boots and board, and was full of excuses! A kind man helped and taught me how to (no romance though...) My body was a mass of bruises!!! A half-pipe? Never! I didn't have the heart to try! Just snowboard down a slope... Actually I joined a snowboarding group and went snowboarding approx. 30 times at the first season, that means every weekend and holiday!!!
  • Body Board; Honestly, I only have a smattering of body board. I bought full set of body board and enjoyed only several times.
  • Craft; As you may know, creating something is nothing special because of my grandmother.
Considering all the various factors together, I have a high tendency to like create something or learning languages. The other things if I was a rich and had an interested in before (when I was a student) was riding hourse. Next, what shall I do?