5 Oct 2012

Colchester Castle Museum

I went to the Colchester Castle Museum today. I've visited Colchester town many times, but it was the first time to see inside the museum. The museum is in the castle. There are the Iron Age and Roman collections. I like to see this kind of historical collection. When I think about this museum, I noticed it's very great because there are historic collections in the historical place! This is just my personal opinion, but I preferred the museum was located in a different place, and the castle was opened just as the castle it was. Unfortunately there were rowdy young school groups today. After children passed and before other children came, I enjoyed feeling the weight of Roman armour and a brass collar for a slave, and touching some other things just like a kid! When children have gone, I saw the section of Roman theatre. Suddenly a cheer arose as sound effects! It made me surprised and also some boys came back to know what was the sound. There were some questions for kids. A girl found an answer and came next me and cut me off with excitement. Her teacher warned her that the museum is not only for school children but also other people (that's me!).

The only unfortunate thing about this museum is subject to fees different from other museums, but I enjoyed it very much. It was a sunny day, so children were sitting on lawns having a lunch. I saw some squirrels as well, so I chased them to take a photo:)