23 Jun 2012

Blackwater Rail Trail 2

We tried to walk the Blackwater Rail Trail again! (see; Blackwater Rail Trail )
It was a lovely day and we believed that we could do it, because we had a map this time. We started off on a good note. Walked along a road and crossed a golf course. The sign said that be aware of the ball from the eighth hole!

We might be feeling too secure about the route, because map shows walk inside the golf course! But we already walked on the wrong public footpath. 

We reached a road and we got lost again! Anyway, there were some huge houses, and they let our imagination run about people who live there and their lives. We found where we were based on the map and my bf's iPhone. While you walk through public footpaths in the UK, you will find many holes of rabbits' houses. This country must be a heaven for them! No wonder the story of Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland were born in this country. There must be the world of rabbits under the ground, and the number of rabbits may exceed the human population of Britain! 

We passed through Wickham Bishops and back to the Blackwater Rail Trail in a wide circle. This straight path used to be a railway track. There was no longer any trace, but it was easy to imagine there was a railway. It's a shame the railway service no longer exists today. The view was really nice. There were some muddy parts, and I found a horseshoe shape on the path.

We already walked 2/3 of the whole way. We pushed our way through a field of grass. Grasses were high, almost the same as my height. I needed to concentrate on my steps.

Passed a lake and again walked through a bean field. There were some small and beautiful turquoise blue or green dragonflies in the field. We were already tired. Crossed a road and we finally found the evidence of the Railway Embankment.

We did it! We completed all the way of Bralckwater Rail Trail this time! Well, we got lost and walked a slightly different way, but that was no problem. We were at the riverside, almost seaside town Maldon. On a map, Elms Farm Park is a goal. But we continued walking to have a lunch at a pub. Queens Head is a nice pub. Last year we went to Maldon by bus, and we visited the same pub. Cold drink and nice meal allayed our fatigue.

We went back to Maldon town centre to get a bus. The building with a big clock is the old Town Hall in Maldon, which is known for hundreds of years. I like Maldon. It's a compact and attractive town. We are pretty happy with what we done. We walked 4 hours non-stop!!