19 Apr 2017

By The Way, What Has Become of Honeymoon?

We will have a fifth wedding anniversary this year. But our honeymoon has been postponed all the time and it hasn't come true yet. I had started to give up on honeymoon, but finally we booked a proper long holiday! It's the first time to have a long holiday apart from travelling to my own country Japan. So we call this 'honeymoon'.

15 Apr 2017


Wherever I am, every time I find a cherry blossom, I always look up the tree. It might be my habit or just Japanese people's habit.

There is the traditional colour of Japan. It is traditionally used in Japanese textiles, literature, arts and crafts. And the names of colours originate from elements of nature, like flowers, plants and animals. For example, 'Sakura-iro' is one of the pinks, meaning cherry blossom colour. It's a lovely system, isn't it? I like those Japanese delicate colour expressions.

Some photos have arrived from Japan. It's cherry blossom season. They are so beautiful, aren't they?