18 Jun 2017

The Secret Under The Sink

Life in the UK sometimes drives me mad and makes me frustrated. The solution for this might be by being a handy man/woman or DIY man/woman or skilled man/woman. Even for small work, it's rare for it go on smoothly, especially in an old house... We've just solved the sink problem in the bathroom after the terrible fuss, but now another problem happened.

The other day, our washing machine was broken. It's quite old and it was already fixed a couple times, so we decided to renew it. In my idea, it was very simple. Buy a new one, remove an old one, install new one and take an old one away. That's it. But actually it wasn't simple. We paid for a new machine including delivery and installation. But we needed to uninstall it by ourselves because uninstallation is excluded. I had thought it would be done by a person who will install a new machine, because it's common way in my country. We googled how to disconnect and tried it. It looked simple, and we thought we can do it. But actually the old equipment is hard to move because of deterioration, rust, scale and so on... But this time, there was another idiot problem.

Our kitchen seemed like it was installed after the washing machine. There was a hole on the panel wall where the plug cord ran through under the sink, but we realised that plug head doesn't go through the hole. The hole is too small for plug head. How idiotic. How could you work like that??? Eventually the plug cord of old machine was cut. But the problem is how to run through a new plug cord??? We need to make a hole bigger before the installation. We have no tools and no skill, but the delivery day is due.  I've never expected that this kind of idiot problem was hidden under the sink. Why doesn't everything work smoothly in this country?

As a result, the unskilled big mouse successfully cut the hole bigger . Now the hole looks like a tooth-mark, but without proper tool and with from awkward position, that was the best for us. Well, the big mouse looks he awoke a bit to do DIY job. The best way to make a DIY husband, let him do it and give him self-confidence. I wish he would learn the skill.

10 Jun 2017

Sewing Project - A Summer Bag

I sewed a bag for summer season. Again, I used a curtain sample fabric. That means I got a lovely striped fabric and a liner at once. :) I also used a vinyl leather fabric for the bottom. It looks effective.