15 Sep 2017


The world situation has been messed up. Many people have been killed and injuried in a series of terror attacks everywhere, and North Korea has now been doing whatever they like. They are so narrow-minded. They can only ever think about things that benefit them and can't see any further than the end of their nose. Every country has a black history. Japan is no exception. What we learn at school is that the most important thing is to learn from the past and do not repeat it. People forgot about this simple common sense.

I think humans seek easy and comfort in their lives. It is known as 'development'. Eventually we have also dug our own graves. My life is along with the contradiction. I want to have a simple life, but yield to temptation. At my most basic, the Amish-like life might be ideal, but I can't have such life. It's a sort of addiction, once we know the comfortable life, it's so hard to go back to the classical ways. Rather, the only solution is to seek another way to coexistence of humans in harmony with the Earth. But it may be too late to seek. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking said we have 100 years left before doomsday, and I feel that what he says perhaps has some truth in it. Thanks to whom can we live under this beautiful sky?

11 Sep 2017


Before my grandmothers died, they both had dementia. The symptoms of my paternal grandmother were serious, and my uncle and aunt had trouble keeping their eyes on her, because she disappeared once and was found in the woods. On the other hand, my maternal grandmother was sometimes normal. She was a very modest, humble and patient person. I think she was a typical good wife in the past. I spent a lot of times with her, when I was a child. She rarely scolded us, and was very kind.

She broke her leg twice in her old age and had operations. It seemed like that an anaesthesia caused and accelerated her confusion, and created a false sense of an illusion. Strictly speaking, she might not have had dementia. Just she might not have been able to escape from such illusion and dreams. Her recuperative powers of leg was phenomenon on her age. A doctor was also surprised. She wanted to go home as soon as possible to look after her son (in her mind), and it became her motivation to be recovered.

She had an auditory hallucination, and she often mentioned about 'a baby'. After she got a big blood transfusion for an operation, I felt her character was a bit changed. In short, she became naughty and selfish when she wasn't in her right mind. Or was it her real self? The last time I met her, she was normal even though she talked about 'a baby'. She was the grandmother I knew. I thought it might be the last time to see her, and I helped her change into pyjamas. She was really thin and skinny.

After I lost her, I became not sure which was her real self. Did she really become naughty? Or had she bottled up her feelings and emotions, and just became honest to her own feelings? Dementia is what many people fear most. I didn't mind seriously about health when I was in 20's and 30's, but about my parents and myself, now the fear is coming close to reality. I don't want to have dementia and to lose myself, and cause people trouble saying something I am not sure of.

30 Aug 2017

Car Societies

The phenomenon in which local shops have closed down in town/city centres isn't anything new. Some reasons are that people use internet shopping, go to big chain shops in the outskirts by car and so on. Now, it's a car society. People use a car, so the services of public transport are decreased. And also people don't use public transport very much because of few services.

After I moved to the UK, I was surprised that there is no bus service on Sunday (not in every town/city). Having a car itself is not bad, but one household having several cars is not uncommon even if they don't have enough car parking space.

I often use the public transport, because we don't have a car (driver's license itself). I am a self-styled eco-friendly person. Once you get used to it, you don't feel inconvenience very much. But it depends on where you live.

Recently, I've enjoyed travelling and walking with my friend by making full use of the public transport. Seems it's rare in this country, many people use their car. It is not unusual that we are the only customers who are riding on the bus at the end, like a chartered bus.

The other day, we explored the possibility of full use of the train and bus service, and made perfect plan to visit a lovely town Eye and a small village Hoxne in Suffolk. It was quite a tight schedule due to the bus running 3 per day from Eye to Hoxne. After we strolled around the castle, church and town in Eye, we were supposed to get on a bus to Hoxne. Since we still had a time till the bus, we'd been walking around. And suddenly we saw a bus passed by and confirmed the bus number from the back. It was THE bus we were suppose to get on. It was 10 minutes earlier but it didn't stop to adjust the time. Consequently we missed the bus and couldn't visit Hoxne.

On another day, we asked a bus driver if we got a return ticket and we could get on another number's bus on a way back (same bus company, a departure and an arrival point is the same, but the route is  different). But seemed the driver didn't know. He said '...well... I would say, why not?' Ha? Did he say 'why not'? What the hell of  the answer 'why not'??? Even though the bus services are few, sometimes driver's inconsiderate action makes me disappointed...